Parlor Coffee

time Sunday: 10am - 2pm ONLY

Parlor Coffee Roasters is a  hip Brooklyn coffee shop and roastery. While the shop is only open to the public on Sundays, the roastery stays busy, grinding out a delicious roast for different coffee shops and their subscription service. Head in on Sundays to check out their diggs, and enjoy some damn fine coffee. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in our world who hasn’t spent at least a moment dreaming of what it would be like to live in New York City. This worldwide daydream has helped give The Big Apple an alluring reputation, welcoming ambitious minds with open arms. Answering this call that has endured for generations hasn’t always been the easiest process, but that’s what makes the first sight of the Brooklyn Bridge the moment that many spend their whole life waiting for.

This same notion of a laborious journey can be found in every single-origin coffee bean that has undertaken vast travel from all over the world to call Brooklyn home, including the beans that live under the proud namesake of Vanderbilt Ave’s, Parlor Coffee.

You’ll first feel like you entered a coffee bank safe, as stacks of the sought-after source are aligned in canvas bags filled to max capacity and bursting with beans.

Coffee and Brooklyn, Brooklyn and coffee, it doesn’t matter what particular order — they just go damn well together. Parlor Coffee started as a small operation in the back of a local barbershop, and like anything from Brooklyn, it shined with unique character, propelling it into its current status as one of the most sought-after coffee roasts among BK’s streets. Driven by instinct and meticulous appreciation for roasting and community, Parlor’s roasting space embodies the way a modern coffee atmosphere should be — simple with sharp details.

Opening the steel-framed door, you’ll be greeted with exposed brick and a warm waft of coffee-roasting air. You’ll feel like you entered a coffee bank safe, as stacks of the sought-after source are aligned in canvas bags filled to max capacity and bursting with beans. Upon further entering the elongated space, you’ll see the ultimate coffee counter; we highly recommend grabbing a seat to become familiar with the small team that is just as invigorating at the aroma-filled air. Though you can find Parlor’s roast scattered throughout New York, this exclusive atmosphere only opens its doors to the public once a week, so make sure you’re there on a Sunday, it’s worth ever damn second.

In the back, the bricks end in an artistic sense, revealing a polished porcelain background for the beating heart of Parlor Coffee’s body: the roasting machine. With each pass of the machine, you’ll see a team member testing the beautiful and complex subject, making sure its roasted DNA is dialed in to the exact preferred gene that Parlor prefers. Watching these masters do the roasting work is as rewarding as watching your favorite indie artist record live while listening via studio headphones.

They say “There is something in the air of New York that makes sleep useless.” Parlor helps cater to the pursuit of this statement and aims to source the finest beans from every corner of the world to fuel the cultured souls with lineage to places just as far away. These dreamers followed a calling to make this city a forever home and pave the way to today’s generation of modern Brooklynites. So here’s to bold coffee — and even bolder big-city dreams.


While the shop is only open to the public on Sundays, their monthly subscription is always available and will keep you flying through the months ahead

They also offer top Notch coffee equipment in their online store. A perfect compliment to their subscription service

Check out their online blog for some behind the scene stories. Great reading material, while sipping on their bold brew

They’ve got a unique take on Instant Coffee — changing the game!

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