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In a city priding itself on Keeping it Weird, has a style of BBQ that stands up against the best and where everything is bigger, why wouldn’t your next getup be waiting in a retrofitted convenience store. This is where the House of St. Clair is stocking style over petrol.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

The House of St. Clair is a must if you consider yourself one that sets the trends of the sidewalk stroll. From the land of cowboys and hipsters, it’s a shop that bends the realities of the tailored past with what we call fashion today. Even the brick and mortar seems it was once a place for fountain sodas and bags of Funyuns well before HOSC was rolling up the garage door.

The entrance (front and garage) acts as a Delorean sending you back to simpler times at a mere 88mph. And as anything from the Lone Star state would claim to be American a 100 times over, HOSC is manufacturing in the US of A. And as fashion is a hodgepodge of inspiration and willingness to stick your neck out from the norm, HOSC is ethically sourcing its quality fabrics (and maybe some style points) from the fashionista meccas of Japan, Britain, and Italy.

The building itself screams of a retrofitted modern design with its large awning leaving you wondering how much a gallon cost last time the pumps were pumping.

The clothes speak for themselves with lines dedicated to Detroit stamping, parkas intermixed with trending shorts, stitches ode to Couduroy and Moleskin, and naturally some well-patterned threads. As you meander around the space, take notice of the antiqued furniture, buffets and intricacies playing right-hand man to the surrounding linens. Nearly everything in the shop is for sale including the pottery, cacti, sculptures, and art hanging from the walls. Even the jewelry speaks to the brand and dedication of HOSC with simple worn gold and silver designs suitable for anyone fortunate enough to find this shop.  

The aesthetics continue with the simplicity of the white-cinder blocked walls allowing all focus to be on the product. And it should be mentioned that it’s not surgical white walls, they are more what you would suspect to find in Austin with hints of dust storms speckling the paint. The building itself screams of a retrofitted modern design with its large awning leaving you wondering how much a gallon cost last time the pumps were pumping. If HOSC had not claimed the property surely there would be a hipster couple from House Hunters trying to figure out how they could fit their organic-vegan-worm turned soil planters out front for everyone to take notice. But, they didn’t and now the shop is more fitted for 1970’s Ford pickups and Easy Rider choppers parked out front.

Certainly, you’ll find cowboy hats, boots and denim scattered around Austin, but when you’ve got Havana Nights on the mind HOSC is where you’ll find the necessary cuts. The hangers are constantly updated with small batch runs, which means you have a better chance of being the one and only to be rocking a HOSC Chicon shirt. With each season, the HOSC brings new looks with an unmistakable feel orchestrated from the cultures of the world. The House of St. Clair pulls from food, art, and generational tendencies to define their look. Simply put, the House of St. Clair has “no shortcuts, just considered, detailed, ready to wear clothing made the right way.”



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