STAG Austin

Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
  • Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
  • Sun: 11am - 6pm

Stag Provisions for Men leads the ranks for men's style in Austin, Texas. Their ATX outposts make for choice spots for any guy looking to upgrade or refresh his wardrobe. Stop by either store and browse through their collection of heritage men's wear.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The buzzing neon signage above STAG Austin is as bold as its stylish mission, and its dedication to the modern man is as endless as the blue sky behind it. Every great story has an origin, and this is where STAG’s ongoing tale of a place that offers all elements needed to live the life of a modern man began.

It’s likely you will see a vintage Jeep Wagoneer in mint condition parked outside this emporium of provisions that credits its style influences to gentlemen like Steve McQueen, James Dean, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson. These icons helped form STAG’s outlook on what it means to possess your own rebellious and unique identity.

From the shelves to the hangers, every brand is hand-selected to personify the passion of great American style.

With other locations in Venice, Dallas, and Houston, it’s explicit STAG has a cemented grip on supplying all the elements needed to live the life of a modern gentleman — and it all started in this Austin location.

This South Congress original is by far the most intimate of its cousins. Classic and modern approaches in the form of clothing, accessories, and apothecary are arranged in a relaxed and orderly setting paying tribute to the state it embodies. From the shelves to the hangers, every brand is hand-selected to personify the passion of great American style. Clench a cold Shiner Bock beer as your visit turns into an extended stay, which is always good in their book. Our CYTIES pick-up? The “East Austin” tee by Alchemy Design, a natural front-runner in your collection of throw on travel tees.

STAG Austin draws you in with its alluring mission to take some risks with your daily get-up while still keeping it comfortable and functional for your lifestyle. STAG may be expanding its presence, but as they say, there’s nothing quite like the first.


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