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Mon - Sat: 9am - 8pm
  • Mon - Sat: 9am - 8pm
  • Closed: Sunday

Shed Barbershop and supply specializes in haircuts and hot-towel shaves. Located in a trendy vintage-chic barbershop, they compliment the edge up with the suds of a cold beer and the speaker sounds of rad tunes.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

It’s said there is a short list of important people in a man’s life. His companion, his doctor, his bartender, and arguably the most crucial, his barber. Shed Barbershop & Supply shines truth on that statement in many forms. The rugged shop in south Austin sticks to traditional practices but harbors a nature that extends far beyond straight razors and clean fades. What’s indoors is a social hub of good conversation and rituals that are necessary to the routine of a modern man.

Take the chance on that James Dean haircut you’ve always thought you could pull off; at Shed, it can be done.

The team of barbers and stylists here are pros when it comes to the usage of their weaponry, and once you are in the chair, the focus is exclusively on you. Close your eyes and disappear into a hot-towel meditation, and feel the glide of a straight-razor shave. Keeping the mane? Tidy it up with a classic beard trim. What about your mop? Take the chance on that James Dean haircut you’ve always thought you could pull off; at Shed, it can be done. Each of these options can be completed with a cold local beer in your hand — now, that’s tradition. You can choose your ideal grooming product to keep your locks locked, as they offer the finest pomades like Reuzel, Uppercut, and Bearded Bastard.

Before you head out into the world with your sharp new look, check out the diverse wall of vinyl records and throw on some tunes, enjoy the rest of your beer, and get to know the crew that makes this place so exclusive. No doubt you’ll be telling stories about your barber and Shed to the rest of that short list of important people in your life.


We recommend booking an appointment before coming in, SHED is an ATX hit and the crowd shows up

This is the kind of place that makes you feel more stylish just walking inside

Grab a shop tee on the way out, rep it on South Congress

Our CYTIES recommendation: trust the man with scissors in his hand