Flat Track Coffee

time Everyday: 7am - 7pm

Flat Track Coffee is an Austin, Texas coffee shop serving up craft beverages and pastries in an industrial-looking space. Located in East Austin, their laid back shop ethos resinates with their local community. Stop by and try some of their own locally roasted coffee.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Flat Track Coffee is more than a buzz and a brand. It’s a community that is defined by hard work and anything that runs on wheels. Parked outside in front of its vibrant mural will be a mix of motorcycles and classic cars collected together, all to unite in harmony for excellent coffee and a shared love for the great city of Austin.

To put it simply, this is coffee you can’t get enough of to keep you sharp when switching through the lanes of life.

Flat Track has an untouchable blue-collar vibe that can be felt all the way down to its finely tuned logo that is branded over shop rags, tee shirts, and camper cups that keep your brew warm and contained when out in the wild. Keep your eyes peeled for the unique logo painted on the side of their rugged Chevy coffee van parked outside the East Cesar Chavez Street location.  It seems appropriate to reference the word “grind” when talking coffee, but in this case, we use the term as a way of representing all the hard work that has gone into opening up Flat Track’s digs. They grind away day and night steering the wheel of this buzzing communal haven, which takes their philosophy of coffee, community, and cars to the next level.

Grab a “dogspeed” blend steamed from the hardware of a Mirage coffee machine that looks as sharp and fast as the rides parked out front. If you require a tune-up, it’s good to know that the coffee is paired alongside Cycleast, a bicycle repair and renovation shop who shares the shop space to keep your hardware in check.

To put it simply, this is coffee you can’t get enough of to keep you sharp when switching through the lanes of life. Stop by to shoot the breeze, sip bold blends, and give a good scratch to shop dogs Hank and Doc to help shift to the next gear to rev up a day’s voyage through Austin’s streets.


Pick up a shop tee and a few of their custom camper mugs

Adventurous stories welcomed, come ready for far out convos

All dogs welcome, so bring your 4-legged homeboy

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