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Péché is a cocktail bar located downtown Austin. Occupying a New Orleans-esque space, they offer French comfort food, and unique cocktails — many with absinthe. Come prepared for a night of endless possibilities.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Sin is the act of doing wrong in the eyes of divine law. Yet, there’s one bar that has reclaimed “sin” for their own. It’s called Péché, an Austin bar whose name means “sin” in French. If you look a bit closer, they’re committing all seven sins at this popular bar – and we’re totally down for it.


Peche pridefully boasts itself as the only bar in Austin where you can experience absinthe in its sincerest form. Until recently, absinthe was banned for its hallucinogenic properties if you drank too much, but at Peche, the absinthe drinks are popular as they provide a sweet licorice-like taste without the corn syrup aftertaste.


The bartenders at Peche have one greedy desire: to listen to you. They’ve created an atmosphere of old, where bartenders play an integral role in the bar experience, interacting with customers in all the best ways. First, they aren’t mixologists, so don’t call them that (owner Rob Pate is adamant about the right term). They’re bartenders, and they want to talk about you and impart their knowledge of drink and cocktail on all that enter their bar.


The design of Peche is lustful of the past. The exposed brick walls, long wooden bar, intimate lighting, and exposed wooden-beamed ceiling speaks to a Prohibition-era style of cocktail bars when drinking was sexy and sinful. Hints of green, dangling chandeliers, and a collage of mirrors and art on the walls alludes to the licentious nature of illegal cocktail bars in the 1920s, crafting a tempting environment for visitors today.


No matter what you order at Peche, you’ll be envious of the drink that your neighbor has in hand, for Peche has it all when it comes to drinks – wine, beer, cocktails – and they prepare them with care, making each one a unique tasting experience. There are 60 cocktail concoctions on their menu from absinthe to whiskey, tequila, rum, and gin-based drinks. To top it all off, there are three “adult milkshakes,” such as their namesake, the “Peche” milkshake filled with absinthe, cherry liqueur, and vanilla ice cream.


Patrons can fuel their gluttonous need for tasty food at Peche with their full menu of New Orleans-inspired cuisine. Indulge on short ribs, dinde croque madame, rabbit hash, escargot, among many other dishes with rich flavors, and then wash it down with absinthe.


There’s little to be wrathful about at Peche, except perhaps if you miss their all night happy hours on Sunday and Monday. But really, that’s on you.


After a full night of absinthe drinks and a few French appetizers at Peche, you deserve to commit the sin of sloth. You’ll lazily crawl into bed and wake up feeling refreshed the next day, figuring out how you can make your way back to Peche, the sinful bar of Austin.


When hungry, dive into the french inspired Rabbit Hash. You won’t regret it

Absinthe rules the cocktail list and is the key to fulfilling a night well spent at Peche

Happy hour extends all night on Sunday and Monday evenings

Located in the bustling Warehouse district, the nights possibilities are endless. Remember, Peche means sin in French