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Lazarus Brewing Company is a craft brewery in East Austin, located on bustling 6th Street across from Whisler’s. Not only does Lazarus brew some outstanding beers, but they also boast a full coffee program and serve some of the best street tacos in town. Yes, you read that correctly: beer, coffee, AND tacos.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

It all started with a garden. No Adam or Eve this time, and no imagery of a serpent or that fateful bite of forbidden fruit, either. For the folks behind Lazarus Brewing Company in East Austin, it all began with a few vegetables in a garden. They enjoyed their fresh abundance with leisure, and soon after realizing how very fruitful their garden had become, as the tale is told, two small rhizomes were planted completely on a whim.

As if they were blessed, these rhizomes grew at a massive rate, and soon, a bounty of hops took over the garden. In 2010, a very befitting All Souls Ale was produced with this bounty. This 11% wonder is what planted another seed – this time, the perfect idea: brewing more beer.

Another great option for die-hard beer fans is the Free Beer for Life program, where you can purchase one of Lazarus’s $1,000 Patron Saint glasses and drink free beer for life.

Once they initiated their plan and got the ball rolling, they were hooked, enamored, and completely bonkers about getting a brewery up and running. Owner Christian Cryder, pastor and beer aficionado, meticulously put his dream of opening a brewery into motion, and about three years later on Christmas Eve, Lazarus Brewing Company opened its doors.

With the help of his lovely wife Marilyn, who happened to be a master barista and has been roasting her own coffee for over ten years, a miracle was born – the miracle of a brewery with a full coffee program. We know, it almost sounds too good to be true. Just wait until we get to the tacos.

“Coffee-Beer-Tacos-Joy.” That’s what the sign jutting out from the teal blue exterior of their cozy taproom reads, and we think that’s enough to have anyone shouting, “Hallelujah!” Radiant and inviting from the outside, the place follows through by feeling as cozy as your living room inside.

Study-esque vibes with mellow tones, dark woods, and tufted leather make it rather easy to sit down with your laptop and escape while you get some work done. Cryder wanted the place to be somewhere that their patrons could spend the whole day. He made it too easy.

As for brews, their offering is generous and palatable to any type of beer lover. 40 Days and 40 Nights, their American IPA at 7.5%, is referred to as, “Gigantic, thirst-quenching hoppy goodness.” You had us at gigantic, Lazarus.

The Achilles Heel Dry Stout at 3.6% is served on nitro in a 20-oz glass. Consider this one of the most drinkable stouts you’ll ever sip, trust us. Now available as a limited release, East of Eden at a whopping 8.0% is a crisp farmhouse-style saison with nectarines. This ripe and oaky treat was the first foeder of their adjoined Cool Store.

Two syllables, four enticing letters: Tacos. The man in charge of the kitchen is Azrriel Salazar, a young and upcoming chef who Cryder found working at his favorite food truck. The street tacos are as authentic as street tacos get, and it doesn’t stop there. Chilaquiles and breakfast tacos are available until 2 p.m., while other tacos and tortas are available all day. They also have a stellar selection of snacks to enjoy with your pint, like fried chickpeas and chorizo queso fundido.

Another great option for die-hard beer fans is the Free Beer for Life program, where you can purchase one of Lazarus’s $1,000 Patron Saint glasses and drink free beer for life. Think of it this way: If you’re a regular, it pays for itself. However, if you have commitment issues, a t-shirt will certainly suffice. It’s all about the experience, right?

The next time you find yourself thirsty and seeking redemption at the bottom of a pint glass while journeying through colorful East Austin, meet us at Lazarus Brewing Company, and we’ll have some tacos.


Comfortable couches, vintage rugs and warm wood tones have Lazarus feeling like your favorite beer infused living room

Arrive with an appetite for the breweries street Mex menu, the place is dog friendly so order some for the four legged homeboy too

If it’s not beer o’clock yet, they are open early with a full espresso bar to caffeinate the day

Bob Marley mural and stained glass windows complimented by beer flights… Hallelujah!