Midnight Rambler

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Midnight Rambler is a stylish cocktail saloon under the Joule Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Designed to look like the bar from The Shining, Midnight Rambler serves creatively-designed vices in a space that attracts travelers and locals that are looking to let the good times roll.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

I’m tellin’ [you] ’bout the midnight rambler… a bar in The Joule hotel in downtown Dallas. And, well, honey, it’s no rock ‘n’ roll show, but as the Rolling Stones said, everybody got to go.

The Midnight Rambler personifies the glitz and glam of Dallas, in a way that’s not entirely broadcasted for all the world to see. Located in the basement of one of Dallas’ top-notch hotel properties, The Joule, a neon sign reads “Cocktails,” and below it, a staircase descends you into the bar’s dim lit retro, subterranean cocktail vault.

the bartenders are wholeheartedly capable of taking requests and crafting something to fit even the funkiest of palates.

Midnight Rambler’s décor was inspired by the bar of The Shining, and David Lynch’s Parisian lounge. It’s dark and mysterious, but also inviting with its leather couches and back-lit bar. The exposed light bulbs and art piece that says “Caviar” is reminiscent of the artistic vibe of the hotel upstairs.

Whether you’re cruising through The Joule on business or a local looking for a late night haunt, Midnight Rambler attracts men and women with a sense of style who enjoy a sultry environment matched with creative cocktails.

The menu changes occasionally but generally include wine, beer, punch, and wine-beer couplings throughout the year. The vices, however, are not always the same but the bartenders are wholeheartedly capable of taking requests and crafting something to fit even the funkiest of palates.

Notable drinks have included the Hocus Pocus – sherry, tequila, cumin, and cacao – and the Savory Hunter, a lemon-grass and kaffir-infused gin with lime, coconut, cilantro, and Thai chile. The Pho-King Champ plays off the taste and smell of pho broth with its vodka, sherry, and beef stock mix topped with a cilantro leaf.

The bar also doesn’t shy from including drinks with specialty ingredients like dried flower, pollen, fruit brandies, or teas. The Temple of the Moon is concocted with jasmine pisco, pineapple, lime, nutmeg, and Texas mineral water from Mineral Wells, Texas. The Hogo-A-Go-Go is a Midnight Rambler favorite made with rum, lime, nutmeg, and hibiscus over a big ice cube.

The Midnight Rambler may be hidden in plain view at one of the hottest hotels in town, but it’s for that secretive reason that makes it so seductive. Let the masses pass it on by, while you engage with your evening’s company, and the bottomless glass of your whiskey in hand. Ramble on.


A one-two punch as Midnight Rambler lives underneath a top CYTIES recommended stay, The Joule

Stick to the specialty menu, this ever-changing list of vices will keep you wanting to sample it all

Craft cocktail saloon not in plain sight, which makes the allure that much greater

Complimentary valet for 90 minutes. Don’t drink and drive though, fools, park it.