CANVAS Hotel Dallas


CANVAS Hotel Dallas is a shelter that has great views of downtown Dallas from their rooftop bar and incorporates art-centric elements in their décor, food, and amenities.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

American television screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski once said, “If a person with a bullet in Dallas can change the world, imagine what a person with an idea could do.”

While he was speaking of the JFK assassination, Straczynski makes a point – regular people can change the world, whether for good or bad, and while Dallas may have been the site of a tragedy that affected the globe, it has since become a place where ideas and creativity are inspiring people in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

it’s adorned with eclectic furniture like a graffiti-covered piano and pool table in the lobby

Don’t believe us? Stay at CANVAS Hotel Dallas, a place working to inspire and bring forth ideas from its guests and it’s doing so with art.

This property is not among the skyscrapers of the iconic Dallas skyline. No, CANVAS is about 10 minutes south in an area called the Cedars, one of Dallas’ up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Set in a century-old brick building, the interior aesthetic is that of an industrial space, but it’s adorned with eclectic furniture like a graffiti-covered piano and pool table in the lobby and art collections in the hallways and public spaces that will rotate throughout the year. The quirky design even makes its way to the rooms. Art pieces stick out against the 10 to 12-foot high ceilings and exposed brick walls.

If being surrounded by art isn’t enough to sprout ideas, perhaps the innovative restaurants will do so. Chef’s Palette is a first-level lounge and restaurant that focuses on colorful and visually appealing dishes meant to arouse your senses. This may come in the form of rich red Bloody Marys or flights of Mexican ceviche.

Perhaps the best aspect of CANVAS is its Gallery Rooftop Lounge. The rooftop lounge offers sweeping views of the Dallas skyline and an infinity pool that allows guests to float and relax amid the clouds. In the evening, travelers can watch as guest artists set up at different stations and create a new masterpiece.

Ideas come to us in the most random of ways, and who’s to say that a hotel like CANVAS Hotel Dallas couldn’t inspire the next world-changing idea with their art-centric approach? We say it can. Go and prove us right.


The Gallery Rooftop Lounge contains painting stations at different spots in the patio for visiting artists to create new works in front of guests

The rooms feature quirky, loft-style design and décor, with 15 ft high ceilings, concrete flooring, exposed brick, and industrial elements

The property features 76 art-infused suites and guest rooms

CANVAS Hotel Dallas brings two art-inspired restaurants to feast and drink, Lone Star State style