A lot can be said about a great cup of coffee, especially when it’s poured by someone else. It can give you a reason to get up in the morning, doll up in your latest threads (or stay in your sweats), and head out to #hittheconcrete knowing there are beyond desirable tastes of a caffeinated bean waiting for you. And when the weathered sidewalks guide you through the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, the journey begins and ends where the pot is hot, at Wayward Coffee Co.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

Wayward Coffee Co was started by two buddies (Noah Irby & Trevin Willison) in a 1975 VW Bus parked curbsided in the Bishop Arts District. The then “shop” was just a few blocks from the relatively newly opened space on Davis St. And beyond the slew of high fives this duo deserves for opening their doors in the midst of a pandemic, Wayward was set on fostering culture, creating community, and cultivating quality.

“We aim to only serve the best, and we’re committed to giving all the people that come in a unique, enjoyable experience that feels fresh and authentic.” – Noah Irby

The menu won’t stray too far from the familiar, but what sets Wayward apart from the plethora of coffee shops found in DTX is the beans from Cat & Cloud out of Santa Cruz, CA, and a rotating list of guest roasters from around the country and world, changing monthly. And while the focus of any promising coffee shop is inherently on the bean, Wayward’s space is incredibly inviting and in simpler times, a place you could waste the day away. It’s bright and clean with white walls and a DIY rainforest of plants pumping natural life into the experience. And in an effort to step away from the cowboy satire of Dallas and Texas, Wayward’s walls are covered with prints/art from local artists, representative of the growing neighborhood.

Wayward Coffee Co is a one of a kind local shop for those to appreciate and recognize a great cup of coffee. For those who grab life by the horns after starting the day with a cup of joe and for those who see the mutually beneficial relationship of supporting the local, neighborhood shop as a lifestyle dedicated to culture, community, & quality through coffee.


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