High & Tight Barbershop

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Mon - Wed: 8am - 10pm
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High & Tight Barbershop is a brick-lined working barbershop that leads to a back-room speakeasy. We've all been to a barbershop that hands you a frosty beer while you get edged up, but how about ending the experience in a speakeasy — and of course looking fresh to death while doing so. Also, with live rock n' roll several nights a week, this joint is about to be your new favorite Dallas hangout.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

In the much simpler times of shoeshines, straight razors, and wool trousers held up to the waist by heavy-duty suspenders, the aesthetic of the refined gentleman was born. As a welcoming place where a fellow could truly come into his own, the atmosphere and culture of the American barbershop is one built on respect and camaraderie. It was a place where jokes could be exchanged, politics could be bantered about, and lifelong friendships could be made. Afterwards, you were able to step out and resume a busy and perhaps not so laid-back lifestyle feeling sharper and more confident.

Now, in a day and age where the modern salon has pushed barbershops to the back and stolen  most of their glimmer, in order to survive in the grooming industry, you need to really show some guts. High & Tight, residing in the artsy neighborhood of Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX, downright lays them out on the table, and on the bar top as well.

No, you won’t be sipping on bathtub gin, and you can thank your lucky stars for the repeal of prohibition for that, even if it was nearly a century ago.

With a hospitable and knowledgeable staff, they provide an atmosphere of comfortable sophistication and have built a stellar rapport with locals. Yes, the vintage gentleman theme runs deep, but High & Tight happens to be a unisex shop and offers the same open arms and quality service to ladies looking for a clean cut as well.

In addition to receiving the best trim of your life with a Shiner Bock in hand, we encourage you to stroll beyond the barbershop toward the green light into a 1920s-style speakeasy bar that provides you with the class and charm of the era, but without the poverty and all that heavy oppression. No, you won’t be sipping on bathtub gin, and you can thank your lucky stars for the repeal of prohibition for that, even if it was nearly a century ago.

Feel free to enjoy a few classic cocktail options, such as The Brooklyn, H&T’s take on a Manhattan made with Redemption Rye, or a Last Word with Horizon Gin, as well as their own seasonal creations that range from spirit-forward juggernauts to light and fruity libations. Although the bartenders know their poison like the backs of their hands, you’re not going to have some guy with a bow tie turn his handlebar mustache up at you for not knowing the difference between bourbon and rye.

With so much more than style up their sleeve, High & Tight offers new-age awes such as their coveted vaporized vodka shot that’s wildly popular amongst adventurous patrons. Try saying that five times fast. They are also no stranger to rock ‘n’ roll — live bands perform often and attract quite a crowd.

Though at first glance you may expect High & Tight to be an overtly trendy hipster-palooza, you couldn’t be more wrong. No matter where you come from or how you like your fade — or your old fashioned, for that matter — the folks behind the bar and barbers’ chairs will give you a taste of that old-school hospitality that has nearly disappeared. Grab your gal, slide on your dancing shoes, and visit the ladies and gentlemen of High & Tight this week. And come thirsty!


If you skipped this article (which you shouldn’t have) here are the cliff notes, THERE IS A SPEAKEASY IN THE BACK

While Vaporized Vodka sounds fun, it’s not quite our CYTIES recommendation. We suggest warming your palate up with The Brooklyn

If your schedule permits, try to roll in on one of the nights they have live music

Enjoy a frosty beer while getting your ears lowered