Davis Street Espresso

Mon - Fri: 6am - 3pm
  • Mon - Fri: 6am - 3pm
  • Sat: 7am - 6pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Locally roasted Texas coffee  in a setting that defines what a modern coffee shop should be, and how it should operate. In this laid back industrial space you will find espresso, baked goods and coffee accessories of all kinds.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Texas hold ’em — the game of immeasurable concentration, skill, and nerves. Many have referred to the game as risky, but the confident hands that pass the chips between knuckles as fast as Led Zeppelin moves fingers on a guitar neck know one thing is certain: poker is a game of skill, not chance. It’s the for the quiet and confident man who knows how to shuffle through a challenge.

Let’s change out the chips for coffee beans, because in today’s world of roasting and serving, the same ideals can be applied to our nation’s modern coffee game — and you can sure as hell bet your money that Shannon Neffendorf, owner of Davis Street Espresso, doubled down to create a shop and roaster he knew would be a jackpot win for the city of Dallas.

The Rosemont Crest, their house blend, is an absolute ace in the pocket for a quality afternoon.

No bluffing, it’s true — coffee stakes are high these days. Price points are steep and environments are feeling like they’re more packaged than personal. Not here, no way. Something we love the most about Davis is that within their industrial rafters, you can get a to-go coffee, but only if you bring your own damn mug. The practice of keeping the neighborhood buzzed is also paired with the belief that much like a poker table, you should sit down and commit to what’s in front of you —  a good book, your journal, a new album, or a great cup of coffee.

The roasting for Davis is brought to you by Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and takes place within the labyrinth of Davis’s rustic world. This partnership is a pair of kings when it comes to aesthetic, with hardware and stocked shelves meeting a well-constructed coffee counter. The Rosemont Crest, their house blend, is an absolute ace in the pocket for a quality afternoon.

As men, we all have routines that we go through each week. Davis Street Espresso, with its wood-laden interior and bold artistic exterior, is here for whatever cards are dealt to you in a day, whether it’s a pair of twos or a full house. We’re all in — because when it comes to coffee in the big state of Texas where stacks and stakes are high, at Davis Street Espresso, you can’t lose.


No Wifi, no skim milk, no to-go… and we freaking love this about Davis

Grab your own brewing supplies from the shop to craft the coffee at home

The professionals here take there time to craft your coffee correcty, so if you don’t have time to appreciate that — hit the road.

The shop often plays records, come to relax, reflect and take a breather from a busy day

Coffee Roast: Oak Cliff Coffee, you’ll find it all over Dallas — so damn good