Bourbon & Banter

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Bourbon & Banter is a Dallas, Texas speakeasy tucked away inside of The Statler Hotel. This joint is widely known around Dallas for their inventive cocktails and sharp bartenders. In what used to be a hair salon, they've transitioned seamlessly, with a cocktail list named after hair cuts. Stick to the menu, and let the bantering begin.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Banter: The witty chatter between two comrades, usually while embarking on a bold cocktail.

If (I) told (YOU) that consciousness was something (I) planned on carrying with me through eternity. And then (YOU) said that it would dissipate at my destruction. But (I) argued that every element – even those consumed – still holds life. So (YOU) ask me, if the whiskey in your hand is still a living consciousness, then why can’t (IT) communicate? That’s when (I) take a sip, and say…it just did.

Now THAT, that is Bourbon & Banter.

Make your way inside the Statler Hotel, ask a trusted employee where the speakeasy is. You’ll be directed down a staircase and then to a dead end with nothing but a shoe-shine station, a phone booth, and a host. Luckily for you, the host isn’t there to brighten your kicks. They’ll punch the password in the phone booth. And then, like the secret door we’ve all spent countless hours thinking will exist in our dream home, a wood-paneled wall opens up, revealing Bourbon & Banter.

Bourbon, leather, brick, wood – we couldn’t write four manlier words if our editor was Chuck Norris.

In the hotel’s past life, the now speakeasy used to be the on-premises beauty salon. Maybe less banter and more gossip, but either way, these walls have heard more stories than your grandma’s retirement home. The revitalized interior is now a gentleman’s study and quite literally looks exactly how our dream hideout would look. Bourbon, leather, brick, wood – we couldn’t write four manlier words if our editor was Chuck Norris.

To pay homage to the former beauty salon, the vices served are all creatively named after hairstyles. There is the MOHAWK, BANGS, FRENCH TWIST, PIXIE, THE BOB, POMPADOUR, IVY LEAGUE, and our favorite, RAT TAIL. Mixed with Cabeza Tequila, Sombra, Suze, and turmeric, it’ll have you swatting all the haters’ hands (and scissors) away before you can put down the last drop.

Bourbon: A straight whiskey distilled from a mash having at least 51 percent corn in addition to malt and rye.

When sitting on a bar stool in Bourbon & Banter, you ask the barman, “What’s good here?” and then he responds in French. Confused, you say, “What would you drink if you were on my stool?” And then with no talking, just creating, all of a sudden, you have a cocktail in front of you that is Bulleit Rye, Amarao Nonino, tea-infused Aperol, and lemon. You take the best sip of your life and then ask him, “What’s it called?” He smiles and says, “A French Twist.”

Now THAT, that is Bourbon & Banter.

Come for the bourbon, stay for the banter.


Our CYTIES cocktail recommendation is the RAT TAIL.

Located inside of a hotel, they make it too easy to avoid drinking and driving. Grab a room at The Statler

If your appetite creeps up, munch on their smoked trout dip. There will be 0 regrets.

It’s a speakeasy, figuring out how to get in is the fun part…