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DLM Supply Co. is a men's shop located in Dallas's Bishops Arts district. They specialize in men's apparel, grooming essentials and accessories. DLM is a choice spot when journeying through Dallas in search of a new seasonal wardrobe.


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

There’s nothing quite like a family-run business. Each one has its own special history, morals, and values that blend together in the colorful tapestry of the United States. Truly, the small businesses of this country are the backbone of America. The next time you find yourself deep down south in Dallas, stop in to DLM Supply. As the motto goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and this clothing store is perfect for any man with big ideas for his personal style. From young to old, DLM Supply is ready to suit any man up in his very best threads.

DLM knows what looks and feels good on any man.

Originally founded in the Oak Cliff neighborhood, DLM Supply can now be found in the hip and happening Bishop Arts Square, southwest of downtown. Bright light shines from yellow flashlight fixtures hanging from the ceiling; this coupled with exposed brick walls and handsome wooden tables creates an aesthetic that is undeniably pleasing to the tasteful, discerning eye.

With brands ranging from La Paz, Camp Hero, and Anderson’s to Hari Mari, Otter Wax, and Native Lands, the variety of clothing options available to customers is sure to satisfy every style. DLM Supply also carries handsome wallets, fashionable grooming products, and numerous accessories to complete any look for yourself or as a gift for the amigos or your old man.

You won’t find as many tasteful goods in most other larger stores; for a boutique of its physical size, DLM knows what looks and feels good on any man. And for the ladies, there is a small women’s section in the back. The friendly staff is accommodating and ready to help you find the perfect new piece for your wardrobe.

A great stop to find a new favorite pair of kicks, DLM Supply carries slip-on sneakers, helm boots, and other casual footwear alongside a large assortment of patterned socks. You can also find belts, underwear, leather bags, swim trunks, and plenty of other basics fit for the rugged, masculine man. The store pulses with virility and energy. Stop by, and you’ll leave outfitted in a new casual Texas style.


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