Fiction Coffee

time Everyday: 6:30am - 6pm

Fiction Coffee is a laid-back cafe serving coffees brewed from artisanal roasters. Located in Dallas, Texas the cozy shop pushes you nose first into a bold cup of jo and encourages its devout Fiction following to pull up a seat, stick around, and dive into the black and white print of the local paper or tales from a hardcover... after all, FICTION is in the shops moniker.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Size doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee shop.

At least, that’s what we think about Fiction Coffee, Dallas’ newest coffee spot. From the outside, it’s a small brick building with stellar murals. Inside, it’s a small single room, with barely enough space for a counter and a small sitting area with a couch and wooden chairs. The design is rustic and homey, stylish without pretentiousness.

The coffee here, Counter Culture Coffee, is exceptional, featuring all the basics like macchiato, americano, cortado, lattes, and cold brew, but with multiple non-dairy milks and natural syrups made in-house, visitors can add a new flavor to their brew. Combine it with a breakfast taco in the morning from Tacodeli or a pastry in the afternoon from Naturally Curly Cook, and you have everything need in a coffee shop.

Fiction Coffee may be a small coffee shop, but it’s not about the size – it’s how you use it. And this café has that down pat.

With a name like Fiction Coffee, one has to wonder what’s “fictional” about this place. It’s all in the menu, or one that “doesn’t exist.” There’s a specialty menu unaware to most, but just ask your barista and they’ll be sure to share. This isn’t the kind of place that makes you feel down for not knowing a lot about coffee and that’s something that won us over.

With a location in the East side of Dallas, a laid-back, hip neighborhood of the city, patrons are casual in wear, willing to chat with a stranger, or grabbing a coffee with their dog on a morning walk. If the space is too crowded when you visit, consider taking the coffee to-go and walking 10 minutes to Exall Park, a popular park in East Side, or 15-minutes down Ross Avenue and into the Arts District of downtown Dallas.

Fiction Coffee may be a small coffee shop, but it’s not about the size – it’s how you use it. And this café has that down pat.


As they say “Escape reality, enter Fiction.”

Coffee roast: Counter Culture

Proudly serving tacos from CYTIES favorite breakfast taco machine – TacoDeli

“Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.” ― G.K Chesterton