The Tipsy Alchemist

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The Tipsy Alchemist is here to blow minds with their inventive, prestige cocktail artistry. This Dallas, Texas libation lounge is widely known around their community as the pinnacle of good drinks. Stop in and have the wizards behind the bar create you magic in a glass.


BY: Courtney Kocak Contributing writer

Do NOT sleep on this kitschy craft cocktail wonderland with “alchemist” bartenders who manage to make chemistry seem accessible and fun. They’re so committed to the motif – all the way down to the periodic-table-inspired menu –that they might even heal the trauma of your list of lost lovers or the one that got away. (No guarantees, but the drinks will definitely help.)

The Tipsy Alchemist is located in Uptown, a Dallas neighborhood celebrated for its happening drink scene. Yet this nightstop still stands out, because while many claim to be mixology masters, these guys are the real deal – and skilled showmen to boot.

Or you can just give them a flavor profile and let them work their magic. Whatever you try, it’s sure to be a mind-blowing concoction with a dazzling presentation.

Their mission statement is “to blow your mind with elevated cocktails through science, art & technique in a sexy, social lounge setting,” and they manage to succeed by taking their sorcery very seriously, yet without the oft-present air of snobbery that comes with such dedication.

The interior feels like a funky old-school mad scientist’s lair. But there’s nothing nerdy about it; it’s clear from the velvet upholstery that these mad scientists are the allure of the bar.

The geniuses behind the bar keep things inventive and entertaining with their pageantry of beakers, flasks, blowtorches, and liquid nitrogen, along with the spectacle of using a bank teller’s pneumatic transport tube to shake drinks.

As a cocktail-forward bar, they make updates on a regular basis. However, after being open for two years now, there are some well-established hits, like The Edison, a neon-green dry ice deconstructed mint daiquiri served in a light-bulb-shaped glass. Or you can just give them a flavor profile and let them work their magic. Whatever you try, it’s sure to be a mind-blowing concoction with a dazzling presentation.

Came with your crew? Have them help you tackle one of the festive Ketel One drinks that come in a copper pot for four people, or get wild with the Absolut Elyx-based Pink Flamingo and Caribbean Flamingo copper swan bowls that serve eight.

If you really want to get into the whole cocktail wizardry extravaganza, we highly recommend you go before 10 p.m. After that, they switch to a more conventional late-night menu in order to handle a higher volume of customers.

Better yet, go on a Friday between 4 and 7:30 p.m., when they’re home to one of the best happy hours in Dallas. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it so much you’ll drink straight through until the DJ takes over the turntables at 10. And then come back for Live Music Wednesdays. And then stop back during the next burlesque show. Wait a minute…these guys aren’t real scientists!



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