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Houndstooth Coffee serves some of the finest coffee in Dallas. With three very different shops in the DFW area, they have mastered their neighborhoods vibe, offering a taste of community with each bold espresso or caffeinated cup of coffee.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Dallas today is an amalgamation of diverse neighborhoods, each with their own identity and style, kind of like a houndstooth, or plaids worn by Scotsmen of the highlands of Scotland centuries ago. It kind of makes sense that Houndstooth Coffee recognized Dallas’s unique pattern and set up shop in three locations, each operating on a different rhythm – casual, sexy, and ingenuity.

Houndstooth Coffee is a Texas-based coffee chain from Austin with a simple menu of espresso, Americano, basic brew, lattes, teas, cortados, pastries, and breakfast tacos. Their Henderson location is like your casual friend who rocks a simple tee and jeans, but always has mussy hair that’s never combed and a two o’clock shadow that somehow seems to work with Converse and a pair of shades.

As Houndstooth has learned, coffee isn’t just about the flavor and the taste, it’s about the environment in which it’s served.

Visitors to the Henderson shop come in droves each morning with their dogs in tow or running in and out for an espresso shot before they hit the maze of Dallas highways. While the interior is sleek with décor decked out in a mix of white, wood, and metal, it’s vibe is laid back, inviting visitors to stay and work at one of the many tables or out on the patio watching the cars go by. The baristas at Houndstooth on Henderson know their customers and their coffee and are quick to offer you suggestions on places to go and things to do in Dallas – with your coffee in hand.

The Sylvan location in West Dallas near the up-and-coming Trinity Groves neighborhood is the sexiest of the three. His suits are tailored, his hair meticulously done, and when he walks past, there’s just the slightest hint of cologne. The Sylvan shop has an edgy urban design thanks to an all-white interior with lofty ceilings, complemented by steel, pops of gray, and wood elements. The floating island bar is just one of the reasons this spot caught the eye of Architectural Digest, who awarded it the most beautiful coffee shop in Texas. In the afternoons, you might want to stop in at this Houndstooth’s cocktail bar, the Jettison, a chic spot in which some drinks feature coffee.

If you’re heading north to Plano or Frisco, home to companies like HP, Capital One, and JCPenney, stop off I-75 to the last of the three Houndstooth locations in Walnut Hill. This shop is like your eco-friendly friend, the one who recycles diligently and rocks clothes that donates profits to charities. The Walnut Hill location is the newest of the Dallas locations, and it’s unlike any other coffee shop in the city. It’s a solar-powered coffee shop outfitted in two tiny houses, one that serves coffee, pastries, and breakfast tacos, and the other, across a small patio, known as the “Schoolhouse,” offers coffee enthusiasts a small area to work or hangout.

Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas doesn’t just have one look – it has three completely different patterns: the casual friend, a maestro of style and grace, and the go-green guy. As Houndstooth has learned, coffee isn’t just about the flavor and the taste, it’s about the environment in which it’s served. When in Dallas, take your pick.


With three locations scattered around the Dallas area, there is never a Houndstooth Coffee too far away

After taking back a coffee at the Sylvan location, stop by the Jettison, its neighboring cocktail joint, for a stiff drink

All three shops offer a unique look, all three specific to their environment, and bold in their own way

Coffee roast: Hit The Counter and ask the barista who their seasonal roast is from