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Estereo is a bar and coffee shop combo in Chicago that serves coffee and Latin cocktails in a trendy triangular space.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

They said rock-n-roll and rap wouldn’t mix, but Aerosmith and Run DMC proved them wrong when they kicked down the wall with the remake “Walk This Way.” There have been plenty of things that have come together in this world in which people have said, “That won’t work.” Yet they do – they blend and fit together like it was fate, and soon wipe away any original resistance.

Even in the cold Chicago winter, visitors feel like their outside thanks to the surrounding glass windows.

Seemingly opposite things can come together to make something perfect and unique and that’s the case at Estereo, a place that’s blending beer, cocktails, and coffee in a whole new way.

Set in Chicago in a triangular space with garage doors for entrances, Estereo is a neighborhood favorite that draws people in day or night. Even in the cold Chicago winter, visitors feel like their outside thanks to the surrounding glass windows. The vinyl tunes of Latin and Caribbean beats send drinkers to warmer climates as they sip on their drinks.

Their menu is full of coffee and Latin-type cocktails and sometimes they mix those two together. Where their Pisco drink is made with four pisco mixes for an explosive flavorful experience, their Coffee drink on the menu comes with Batavia Arrack, Averna, and coconut horchata. And like their Coffee drink, their Beer drink is more accurately described as a beer cocktail, made with Charanda Uruapan, pistachio, crème de cacao, blackstrap, and lime whiner le tub.

Visitors won’t find whiskey or gin on the menu, as Estereo stays committed to Latin spirits like tequila, mezcal, and rum, even going so far as to meet the distillers of some of the brands they carry. It’s actions like that and adding fresh ingredients to their drinks that heightens a visitor’s experience to Estereo.

Coffee with alcohol, beers that are cocktails, and a menu without whiskey – Estereo blends so many things together in one great space, and it’s working amazingly.


Guided by Latin spirits, the cocktail menu is refreshing take to the modern scene, scope it out here

Winter has you feeling like Leo in The Revenant? Estereo will warm your grizzled soul with it’s fine tuned, warm atmosphere

This joint is easy and breezy as an eclectic mix of classic Latin and Caribbean tunes fill the triangular space from slow spinning vinyl

Along with the beer and cocktails, they also pour an array of creative coffee drinks