Heavy Feather

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time Everyday 7pm - 2am

Temporarily Closed! Heavy Feather is a modern-day fern bar above Slippery Slope. The cocktail lounge serves updated versions of retro vices mixed in a chic, throwback space with brass accents and greenery. Keep an eye out for the bear...


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

First off, Heavy Feather isn’t a real bar… it’s a mirage. Heavy Feather is what happens when an idea is spawned into spider webs of creativity and cast out into the universe, sparking the imagination of every soul in search of a modern-day fern bar. It transports you into the 1970s, but with higher quality ingredients and mouth-watering vices. The mind’s eye is a powerful tool — one that created Neverland to escape adulthood — and while Heavy Feather won’t disqualify you from your taxes, it will ship you to a yesteryear of lavish greenery, a stuffed bear, golden mirrors, ochre hues, and lots and lots of peacock feathers.

This castle in the sky fantasy is literally above ground. Inside of Logan Square’s dive bar, Slippery Slope, you’ll have to imagine a staircase that elevates you to a different dimension. The inception kicks in like a 1969 drug at Woodstock, knocking on Heaven’s door to one of the 1900s’ greatest decades.

their bespoke liquid drugs will have you feeling as heavy as a feather while you float through their 1970’s illusion

The bar’s dimly lit appearance comes carefully curated with golden mirrors, polished walnut, and amber hues. Following a 1970s recipe of a fern bar (potted ferns, sweet drinks, and aimed to appeal to single women) green shrubbery pokes out of nooks, decorates mantles, and hangs from the ceiling. The wallpaper is lined with peacock feathers, and what we believe is a stuffed bear standing watch upon a brick wall.

This retro drinking den is equipped with plenty of seating. Leather button pin chairs line the bar top, with matching booths to add additional lounging options. When it comes to electrifying your core, stick to the dialed in 13-drink cocktail menu. In this fictional take, that number is your lucky charm, with every libation on the chart furnished to light a match in your body like it’s a sky full of fireworks on the 4th of July. Try the Dark Star, made with bourbon, lemon, fennel, egg white, and Cynar, then let your mind light up like an intergalactic commit racing through a black hole in outer space.

The bar below deck (on the ground level in this case) is not a shabby option, just ask Andre the Giant, as seen on their website. But if you can climb to the top, inching your way forward in life, it’s always a better view from above. It’s anything but a slippery slope, but you’ll still want to find your grip, as their bespoke liquid drugs will have you feeling as heavy as a feather while you float through their 1970’s illusion.


For the gentlemen, our CYTIES recommendation has to be Mountain Train: rye, brandy, butternut squash, and a dash of unique bitters

Situated inside Logan Square, the options are endless if you’re looking for a night on the town. Billy Sunday, Estereo, and The Owl are all nearby

Enter this night of cocktail bliss through Slippery Slope, and head straight upstairs

If any bets need to be resolved, Slippery Slope’s got skee-ball, head downstairs and put the wager on the line