DropShot Coffee

time Everyday: 7am - 9pm

DropShot Coffee is serving quality small-batch coffee and elevated food in a laid back atmosphere to both travelers and neighborhood locals.


BY: Christopher Blatner Contributing writer

Like a star athlete, DropShot Coffee demonstrates its versatility by serving not only as the lobby café and communal space for the hotel guests of Fieldhouse Jones but also as a comfortable gathering spot for locals. The retro-athletic styled coffee shop and hotel pay homage to the old park district fieldhouses throughout Chicago that have served not only as sporting facilities but as community centers for more than 150 years.

It’s the perfect base to plan your Chicago explorations and is always there for a fuel-up in between your adventures.

If Stan Smith and Chuck Taylor collaborated on a coffee shop, it would be DropShot. It has an old gymnasium vibe with classic athletic equipment and trophies on display and old electric scoreboards that have been painted over with graffiti hanging from the brick walls. There are even three levels of bleachers on either side of the stairs that lead up to a spacious mezzanine lounge. The lounge is dotted with brass tables and plush swivel chairs, bench seating runs the entire length of the back wall, and a couple of perfectly worn-in leather couches invite you to sit for a while with your coffee and maybe a dog-eared copy of The Jordan Rules. A colossal installation of hundreds of wooden tennis rackets hangs from the ceiling, and basketball backboards in a rainbow of colors surround the coffee bar.

DropShot serves coffee from Toby’s Estate, a small batch roaster out of Brooklyn, NY. The menu has all the traditional offerings like drip, French press, espresso, americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes. The French press is our go-to here. A coarse grind on the medium roast lends itself perfectly to the coffee press. It’s strong, bold, and vibrant … precisely what we’re looking for in our cup. The seasonal coffee menu is also worth a look, it offers a variety of lattes and mochas with some unique flavor combinations like miso + caramel + coconut.

After getting your caffeine buzz, DropShot has a lot more to offer. There is an extensive craft cocktail menu and a well-curated list of beer and wine.  They serve breakfast all day and have a wide-ranging menu that includes a variety of sandwiches, entree salads, and hearty bowls.

DropShot Coffee offers a comfortable, laid back atmosphere with great coffee, food, and cocktails. It’s the perfect base to plan your Chicago explorations and is always there for a fuel-up in between your adventures.


CYTIES pick: Toby’s Estate medium roast from the French press

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