The Publishing House


Set in what was once a publishing house, The Publishing House is a trendy bed and breakfast with intimate services like a homemade grub and welcoming public spaces.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Chicago is no stranger to the literary great. She has produced some fine minds, like Upton Sinclair, that have created long lasting literary works that have changed the hearts of its readers, pushed social movements forward, and brought great joy to many. Whether you have dreams of writing your own great American novel or just basking in the creative genius of Chicago’s best writers, you’ll want to lay your head on the pillows of the Publishing House in Chicago’s West Loop.

The Publishing House is a bed and breakfast housed in a building built in 1909 as the Free Methodist Publishing House. Over the years, it has had many tenants, like a casket factory and the last holography museum in the U.S. In 2017, it opened its doors as one of the cool B&Bs in the country.

At The Publishing House, you’re going to get true, unadulterated hospitality, the likes of which a hotel just can’t provide.

Don’t imagine The Publishing House as a charming B&B ran by an elderly couple. No, this property is chic and stylish offering luxurious interiors and an elevated stay with personalized service. The 11 rooms are inspired by Chi-town authors with copies of books in each room so that you can relax in bed for a few hours in the evening with a page-turner and a drink.

These aren’t your typical B&B rooms. They’re spacious with small desks and a mix of exposed brick walls and colorful wallpaper. Vintage posters and photographs are framed and hung on the walls to add an artistic element. Each room has a different look, but all feature stylish glass rain showers.

As for the public spaces, they have high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and wood floors, all of which are complemented by modern furniture and antique pieces. Persian rugs and art fill the communal living room, a spot where guests mingle and hang throughout the day. There’s a kitchen for those who like to fix their own snacks, though the owners are there each morning to create a tasteful breakfast full of homemade pastries and hot breakfast options. Breakfasts are often specialized to your tastes and wishes, adding that homey vibe that most hotels lack.

You may not have a gym or a restaurant at The Publishing House, but you’ll have something more. You’ll have the written word placed in all areas of the hotel, a cozy, stylish room that will offer a full night’s rest, and owners who cares about your Chicago experience. At The Publishing House, you’re going to get true, unadulterated hospitality, the likes of which a hotel just can’t provide.


Housed in a 110 year old historic building, The Publishing House combines the energy and hospitality of a bed and breakfast paired with the luxurious interiors of a boutique hotel

Unique en-suite rooms of 250sq/ft to 450sq/ft – truly feels as if you have your very own downtown loft in the city

A 7-minute walk from from the “L”  and 17 minute cruise on foot to the Chicago French Market

A mix of art, free WiFi, flat screen TV’s, with a sexy bar and a communal kitchenette