Little Owl Coffee

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
  • Sat: 8am - 4pm
  • Sun: 8am - 3pm

Have you ever wondered if there are any benefits or obscurities that come with drinking caffeine at altitude? - 5,280ft above sea level to be exact. And if you are as curious as we are and have your lab goggles ready, head to Denver’s LoDo (Lower Downtown) District for a quaint and modern cafe named Little Owl Coffee.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

Not much bigger than an average studio apartment, Little Owl Coffee has proven their dedication to the brown water over presenting outlets for the wifi workforce. Found on the ground floor of the SugarCube Building, Little Owl Coffee is stunning from the sidewalk, through the front door, and beyond the opposing walls. It is Denver, so mind you weather can take a turn without notice, but the outdoor patio is defined by a border of metallic black planters with a rotating assortment of greenery. Within the patio there are a handful of tables and chairs to match, protected by a stained wood panel awning – always protected and overseen by the Nobel little owl perched at the front door. 

The menu is dialed with the staples and when you want to taste the purest of the single-origin selection, the Aeropress is an absolute must. 

The exquisite arbor craftsmanship continues into the interior of Little Owl Coffee on the ceiling, for your rump on a handful of bar stools and organically cut into a magnificent hightop centered in the space overlooking the coffee operators. The baristas find their home behind a brilliantly white work station matched with ivory machinery. And to finish the space, a large Calacatta marble wall highlights the continued juxtaposition of medium roasted woodwork and translucent white decor.

You’re not going to put in hours of work towards your romance novel here, but you are certainly going to get one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever had. Little Owl Coffee prides itself on delivering the best the little brown beans Denver has to offer. They continue to set themselves apart from the rest by embarking on the trending farm-to-table, well, farm-to-cup experience. The selection of coffee comes from single-origin and single-estate producers and once it arrives at Little Owl, man oh man are you for a treat. The menu is dialed with the staples and when you want to taste the purest of the single-origin selection, the Aeropress is an absolute must. 

Little Owl caters to the summer by morning – winter by nightfall with occasional afternoon thunderstorm mentality that any Denverite should. The team focuses on the true flavors of the coffee bean and never masks with obscure syrups or foams. Just being at Little Owl with a cup of joe in hand your life seems to elevate – it truly is a caffeinated out of body experience. And when the final drip drops remember at Little Owl Coffee it’s “Mostly Coffee – Some Nonsense – Always Love.”


16th Street Mall is right around the corner – stay away

If coffee is not your thing, Little Owl has a Mast Brothers hot chocolate

The back corner door opens to an art gallery – coffee and culture

Little Owl is the perfect pick me up before you go get Mile High