01 Sep HELM Lou Boots
02 Sep Filson Pioneer T
03 Sep TV On The Radio - Dear Science
04 Sep The Essential Cocktail Book
05 Sep ESPRO Press Modern P6
06 Sep Katin Patrol Hat
07 Sep Arcade Adventure Terroflage Belt
08 Sep UGO Waterproof Tech Bag
09 Sep Nothing ear 1 Buds
10 Sep Beck - Odelay
11 Sep My Morning Routine
12 Sep Bellroy Slim Sleeve Carryology Edition
13 Sep Gerber Lockdown Pry
14 Sep DUER Relaxed Jogger
15 Sep Hightide Retro Gadget Rest
16 Sep GORUCK Huckberry x GORUCK GR2
17 Sep The Dandelion Years 1969-1972 (Deluxe Edition)
18 Sep The Great American Road Trip
19 Sep Joy Resolve Coffee Alarm Clock
20 Sep Luminox Navy Seal Blackout Watch
21 Sep Barnaby Black Shower Vibes
22 Sep coming soon Sessions Goods One Hitter
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22 Sep
23 Sep coming soon Walden Eyewear Pinion
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23 Sep
24 Sep coming soon Bob Dylan / Fall
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24 Sep
25 Sep coming soon Life Plans on Dive Bar Napkins
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25 Sep
26 Sep coming soon Huckberry x Brant & Cochran Axe + Log Carrier Bundle
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26 Sep
27 Sep coming soon Roark Hebrides Jacket
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27 Sep
28 Sep coming soon RBT Wine Decanter
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28 Sep
29 Sep exclusive coming soon WESN Forsta
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29 Sep
30 Sep coming soon Mission Workshop SF Bandana
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30 Sep


The GEAR GRID is designed to support small business brands that aim to break the mold. Our team scours the globe to find these well-designed objects, collected to enhance the lifestyle of who we believe the modern explorer is: a hard worker, a free thinker, and most certainly a world traveler. Drop in as a regular to find curated essentials in the categories of apparel, grooming, watches, bags, tech, and more, also including books and classic vinyl to set the tone on the weekends.