eye catching amaro from Piedmont


A fine Amaro is essential when it comes to cold weather. In fact, the age herbal liqueur used to accompany alpine skiers to the tallest peaks, only to be sipped from a leather pouch to ward off any chilling frostbite.

This Alpine-themed maraschino cherry amaro was recently released in the States and surely deserves a slot in the lineup of the home bar. Stambecco is named after a long-horned mountain goat, Created by Biggar & Leith and produced at Piedmont’s Torino Distillati. Refined with a 30-botanicals, the flavor is a deep twist of sweet maraschino, complimented by a dry marzipan-like savor of amaretto. Enjoy it in a cocktail like a Negroni riff or Manhattan, or simply on the rocks,  or in a satchel at the top of a mountain—you decide.