portland debuts TERREX TO THE WORLD


Just in time for the holiday rush is the epic new pop-up from Adidas’ outdoor-focused label, TERREX. The brick-and-mortar is located in Portland, Oregon, in the city’s downtown Pearl District. It’s built to compliment the snow-covered peaks in the Pacific North West and equip any visitor to take on the elements.

Bright wood and minimalist touches complete the wide range of men’s and women’s performance apparel within the creative store. Footwear is laid out like art pieces, while racks of outerwear are hung from orange climbing rope. The store is also a celebration of sorts, assembling the first time TERREX products are offered publicly, furthering the ethos and evolution of the brand as a significant player in the skiing, hiking, and outdoor adventure sector.

If you’re Hitting The Concrete in PDX this holiday season, don’t miss a chance to see this signature apparel in person. The unique space also includes community-based activities like panel interviews,  film screenings, and even some festive happy hours.

As so many brands have focused on the digital, the store offers an escape to the online shopping world. TERREX presents another notch in the belt for experimental pop-ups that seem to be arriving more frequently from brands than ever before.