Meet Almond Surfboards


Before the sun rises it’s important to already have the wheels in motion and eyes on the surf because aside from your favorite cup of coffee, dawn patrol is the only way to start the day. And while you’re toes on the nose of your pickup with anticipation, it makes life all that much easier knowing when you hit the water, your gear will hold tough because it came from Almond Surfboards.

Blocks from the beach in Costa Mesa, Ca, Almond Surfboards has its sights set to be the premier lifestyle brand of the “Surfer-Craftsman”. At the shop, you’ll find all the essentials to hit the water and where other surf shops stock an expansive offering of boards and shorts, everything within the walls is Almond branded and approved.

Hand-built surfboards are the foundation of what Almond does; but whatever the pursuit may be, belief in investing the time and committing to the process is the cornerstone of the brand. The catalog of in-house shaped boards contains custom models built with the intention of maximizing the surfing experience. From the 4’10 Sea Kitten to the 10′ Walks on Water, Almond is primed to get you on the water no matter how and what you prefer to ride. And because the love for the water should come from the first paddle out, Almond’s R Series is the intro-minded board that veterans keep in the quiver. It’s a high-density foam construction of no fiberglass, no wax, and no compromises in the shape, rails, or performance.

And it started back in 2007 with handcrafted boards built to last, while Almond’s essentials come from an inherent admiration for well-made, purposeful products. Just like the theory of “you are what you eat”, Almond is making things out of necessity, want, use and it’s all made in California, because it’s home. The shop has tees, trunks, surf flags, and everything you’ll need to hit the surf and if for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for, perhaps brunch at the bowling alley is a better option.

Almond Surfboards is proof that dedication and a love for sport and culture is more than enough to be an industry leader. And when the shop is located steps from the waves, going to work is never a bad thing and it’s ever so apparent in the crew behind the brand. And above all else, Almond Surfboards are made in the USA and ready to go wherever you want to take it.


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Almond has been shaping since 2007, while the first boards were seen in 1776 in Tahiti

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