Where to find the pie


  • September 18, 2022
  • Tips
  • By: CYTIES

If we made contact with an alien world, what would we bring as a food offering to represent our blue and green planet? Pizza, we should and would (and will) bring pizza. You better believe that pie would be from New York City too, or it wouldn’t be doing Earth any justice.

Pizza is everywhere these days. Cute pizza, traditional, Neo, Sicilian, expensive pizza, deck oven, wood-fired, healthy, hybrid style… you freakin’ name it. Even Netflix’s Chef’s Table hopped on the pie train. Let’s silence the noise and get down to the crust of it, no BS. Below is a map of the best pizza in New York City, sourced by our CYTIES team in no particular order, *though we do mention our own personal favorite. Our favorite was our own, some views may differ—much respect to any saucy opinions as the adventure is finding the answer that best fits your own preferred pizza palate. Either way, this list will not let you down, add it to your mobile bookmark settings to seek out the best pizza next time you’re hitting the concrete in the Big Apple.


  1. Scarr’s Pizza – Pizzeria with retro looks serving pies, slices & subs made with modern ingredients.
  2. Una Pizzeria – Naturally-leavened, wood-fired pizzas, complemented with a few appetizers.
  3. Lucali Pizza – Popular neighborhood eatery serves thin-crust pizza & guests bring their own wine & beer, say hi to Jay-Z for us.
  4. L’Industrie Pizzeria – Classic old-world pies & slices, plus inventive flavor combinations. *CYTIES Favorite.
  5. Ribalta NYC – Old-world Neapolitan pizza & Italian appetizers in a lively, high-ceilinged space with soccer on TV.
  6. Mama’s TOO! – Pint-sized counter-service pizzeria drawing crowds for slices with classic & gourmet toppings.
  7. Kesté Pizza & Vino – Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas with vegan & gluten-free options in a shoebox-sized space.
  8. Di Fara – No-frills Midwood storefront full of storied slices.
  9. John’s of Bleeker Street – Brick-oven pies (no slices) with crisp thin crusts, circa-1929 pizzeria.
  10. Rubirosa Pizza – Neighborhood Italian spot serving reinvented Italian-American classic pizzas.


About 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the US.

93% of Americans order a pizza at least once a month.

Pizza became popular in the U.S. after WWII.

NYC was home to the first pizzeria in the country, Lombardi’s. This pizzeria was originally a grocery store before it began selling pizzas in the early 1900s.