Up until right this moment, while these words circulate around in your cranium, brandy was probably not the liquor you were reaching for on Friday after work, getting ready for the weekend. BUT, things are about to change because BHAKTA Spirits project has one objective: to create the finest spirits in the world.

If brandy was not a word that had previously rolled off the tongue or found its way into a sniffer served neat, let’s start at the basics. Brandy is an alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. And it should be made known, the process of delivering an award-winning brandy does not come by chance or overnight.

BHAKTA 50 is the brainchild of Raj Bhakta and his years of dedication to the craft. The former owner of Whistle Pig Whiskey, Bhakta set out the create the best spirit the world had ever tasted.

With Whistle Pig in the past—but not before claiming worldwide notoriety—perfecting brandy was the next quest for Bhakta. Bringing many of his whisky followers along for the journey, the BHAKTA 50 not only delivered but also swept many only whisky drinkers off their feet. The spirit is a blend of extensively aged blend of 8 rare Armagnac vintages dated between 1868-1970, then finished in Islay whisky casks for an added little something, something. From the youngest bottle (50 yrs) to the oldest (150 yrs), the 100 yr span unlocks flavors of distinguished quality like nothing else on the market.

Adding to the BHAKTA 50’s exclusivity, a mere 38 barrels have been made and with each release, the barrels having a way of telling a uniques story.  Additionally, each release has differing vintage blends, taste profiles, and proofs. BHAKTA has sold out of the first four barrels, with the fifth set to be released sometime this fall, sniffers ready for September.

BHAKTA: it bears my name and is bankrolled by me alone. This is a promise that I’ll maintain the highest standards of excellence…

The price tag is not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve had the opportunity to try a finely crafted bottle of liquor, 9 out of 10 times the tastes and flavor profiles warrant the price. This limited release BHAKTA 50 is set to stun the world of brandies because they say, “you can not buy time, but here is an exception.”

The 4 Pillars of Bhakta

Rare – They say you cannot buy time; here is an exception. The oldest spirits in the bottle slumbered for 152 years, stashed in war-torn Europe, and miraculously preserved. Even the youngest spirits, at 50 years, are older than any whiskey on the market. Such ancient stocks are in vanishingly small supply, and we can only release 38 barrels in total. It is perhaps the rarest drink known to mankind—a true chance to buy time.

Exquisite – The Armagnacs’ tremendous age imparts subtle flavors unrivaled in modern spirits. By imbuing it with the smokiness of Islay scotch, we have created something truly magnificent. It is the best of both worlds, a spirit without precedent that defies categorization. We marry the best attributes of Armagnac and scotch, and the wedding is monumental.

Value – BHAKTA 50 is incredibly underpriced. You can pay far more for a far younger spirit if you’re so inclined. But we do not expect this bargain to last. With its unrivaled age and limited supply, it is sure to become an instant collector’s item. An unopened bottle will rapidly appreciate as our stocks empty. This brandy is a fleeting opportunity and a timeless asset.

Purpose – The bottle contains a message, a call to Revival. Imagine the history these spirits have slumbered through. They remind us indeed of the indomitability of humankind. We have undergone much worse, from the World Wars to the Spanish Flu. But here we remain. This pandemic provides an opportunity, if we seek it, for an American Revival. No setback is final so long as the flame of Revival remains alive. The ancient legacy contained in this BHAKTA 50 bottle proves it… This is our mission.