Weekend escape with a Bonfire in a Japanese Forest


  • August 8, 2020
  • Vids
  • By: CYTIES

Though travel has been postponed in most ways, our team has hunted down a clever way to transport you straight to a moment of jungle zen—off to Japan. The video above is within Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, surrounded on all sides by wonderous mountains. Because of this landscape, there is abundant rainfall that leads to crystal clear streams creating a pure water-rich land.

The sounds of rushing water pair with a crackling bonfire in the footage above, toss it on as ambient noise while you enjoy a morning coffee, or stream (how fitting of a word) it on your HD screen to feel fully transported. Also, give this Japanese channel HIROSHI a follow or all things chill. The videographer doesn’t mess around, in one you’ll find him cooking a steak on a rock, you might never go back to the grill.