Make room in the cooler for canned wine


If you’re like 99% of the world population, at this point you might be over the Vino at home. Corkscrewing open another bottle of wine in the late evening during 2020 has, how do we say this gently, lost its lust. As the summer shifts into gear, it’s time to get to the coast, and with that, we urge you to retire the nightly bottle-to-glass and pack the cooler with refreshing canned wine for daytime antics. Yes, we said CAN. Believe it or not, some incredible top-notch canned wine does exist and should be nestled up in the ice for scorching fun-in-the-sun antics. These kick as vino’s has us doing the can can, where we quickly learned our leg kicks don’t go as high as before 2020.

Alloy Wine Works Chardonnay

Contrary to Paul Giamatti in Sideways, we ARE “drinking f*cking chardonnay!” This is what you would consider a Cali classic, filled with refreshing citrus and a hit of slight vanilla. Incredibly refreshing and wildly surprising how good it tastes after a day you’ve been in the salty ocean.


Joe To-Go Pinot Gris

This guy named Joe isn’t messing around, he’s very serious about this wine. Oregon just gets it when it comes to winemaking, and you can understand why when you crack open this medium-bodied white wine. To pair with the sun-filled season, you’ll find some tropical notes to pair with some peel and eat shrimp. If you don’t know what peel and eat shrimp are, then just leave this site right now.


Tintillo Malbec Bonarda

The can says it best with this Malbec, serve chilled. Blackberry notes paired with some spice leaves the pallet wanting another sip with this clutch Argentine red blend. The most common misconception with red wine is that it is ideal to serve it at room temperature, it’s actually the opposite, the best way to enjoy it is serving it cool. So yes, you’ve been doing it wrong all along. We know, we just blew your minds, didn’t we?


Mancan White Wine With Fizz

This canned white wine has one hell of a flavor, imagine if a lemon was strapped to a bottle rocket and collided with stonefruit. The fizz washes away any thirst craving tastebuds like a wave on the dry sand, finishing with bright melon notes. This is one of our favorites to pack in the Pelican when headed out to the beach, they don’t last long.


Lubanz Chenin Blanc

There is a little phrase we love here at CYTIES, and that’s “trade advocacy.” We can’t get enough of brands and companies that give back to the world while they do what they do. Lubanzi doantes 50 percent of all sales to South African vineyard workers through the Pebbles Project. This Chenin Blanc offers a tangy taste experience, layering in grapefruit and lemon notes. Take a sip and know your decision to support this brand gives back to those in need working in the African wine industry.


Vinny New York Bubbly Wine

All hail the bubbles, especially when it’s paired with green apple and lemon-lime notes. Brought to you by Thomas Pastuszak, the founder of Empire State Wine, Vinny is a dry sparkling wine similar to the style of Prosseco. The yellow can is slim and easily stashable in a cooler when you’re attempting to make room, so damn refreshing.


Nomikai California Red

Caaaaalllliiforniaaaa Loooovvveeee. A Merlot, Mourvédre blend makes this chilled red can a crushable affair. In fact, this one is for sunset and it basically redefines the term invigorating. With a campfire crackle in the back, this smooth will have you cooling down from a long day. Nomikai is a Japanese word for “Drinking Party,” pretty spot on with this amazing wine.


Al Sauvignon Blanc

Get down on this 100% single-vineyard, estate-grown Sauvignon Blanc from San Saba Vineyard. In the aluminum is a cache of lime, grapefruit, and lemon-soaked minerals. It’s clutch taste finishes with a classic tart and crispy finish. Crack some oysters with this one and saluted the sun—it goes down easy.


If You See Kay Central Coast Rose

Yes, a rosé is on this list, and if you’re questioning us this is the face we are making back to you, because when you learn to embrace the right Rosé, it harnesses one hell of a refreshing experience. Let’s start with the name, go ahead and slowly sound it out… With a name like this, you can rest assured its a bad-to-the-bone. The pale pink berry and citrusy flavors are so damn quenching, you’ll be reaching right back for it when it comes to round two. Rosé just got cool thanks to If You See Kay.



What’s driving much of canned wines growth is the draw to its portable and recyclable packaging

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Someone has crunched the numbers, canned wine sales increased 43 percent from June 2017 to June 2018, and sales and popularity have been near doubling every year from 2019 to now