There really isn’t anything like fall in a big city. As branches bare by cascading autumn colors on sidewalks, one can’t help but reflect on the year that now is behind, all while beginning to feel the gradual crescendo towards the holidays. The coffee is hotter, the cocktails braver, the music more heartfelt—your wardrobe should reflect all of this. November Catalog is built as strong as oak, featuring items that will last for decades of fall city adventures. Things look a little different this year, yes, but leaves still fall, the watch on your wrist still ticks, and the November sun still sets each day. It’s proven adversity is the ingredient to success, whether you’re a musician composing the next tune, a painter expressing emotion through color, a worker at a farmers market selling fresh produce, a teacher, a chef, a first responder, a nurse or a doctor, a delivery driver, a post office employee, a dog walker, a baker, whatever you do—your role is vital, it completes the diversity of a cities beauty. We trust this catalog will have you feeling the warmth you deserve this fall.

Alfa Military Shirt

The Alfa Military shirt first surfaced on Buck Mason six years ago, as one of their first outerwear pieces. After some time in the archives, it’s come out of retirement. Which is a testament to the brand’s motto — basics that stand the test of time. A truly timeless member of our country’s style culture, it’s a reproduction of a US Army OG-107 Jacket, cut from durable cotton sateen and milled exclusively for Buck mason at a centuries-old Japanese mill. Like many of Buck’s products, they are contemporary yet relaxed. Casual yet still hold a firm slice of elegance. Buck Mason is a brand for gentlemen with a sense of grit and an eye for style. As the days are now shorter, sport this lightweight jacket with confidence as you trek through the streets of your downtown, becoming part of its bold cityscape.


Bitflex Chelsea Exclusive

Chelsea Boots have been rocked by the best-of-the-best for generations. The Boss, Newman, Bob Dylan, you name it. They slip on almost too easy, and become the signature to any outfit, ready to take the streets for a memorable night on the glowing town. Bitflex is handmade in Italy and created with an eco-friendly process. The premium leather is aged for 30 days, then treated with oak bark, and softened with all-natural ingredients. Comfort is key, and the 100% natural crepe rubber soles are like butter for your dogs, ready to put in some serious miles. We’d tell you to lace ‘em up and get out there, but we don’t have to, just slide ‘em on and glide. 


Porter Satchel

Leather pairs with fall the same way whip cream goes on a slice of pumpkin pie, it’s a match made in heaven. Bexar Goods doesn’t mess around when it comes to crafting products that will truly last a lifetime, and The Porter Satchel just might be one the most unique and well-tailored bags we have ever discovered. Founder Guy Rubio based the design on rugged adventures into limestone caves, and then even tested it in all kinds of elements including Iceland terrain. The satchel is adventure-ready for really anything on the road ahead, protecting the valuables within. With a shoulder strap, one main pocket, it can be worn as a backpack or a side bag. It’s basically Mandalorian armor for your electric devices, notepads, clothes, EDC, or whatever you chose to stash. Cruising through a leave painted street with The Porter Satchel is one damn fine way to get from point A to B. 


M79 Automatic 40mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

We know how it goes from here on out, the holidays fly by faster than a train, plane, or automobile. Slow it down and enjoy every single second with the M79 Automatic from our pals at Timex. Inspired by the 1970s, this watch has instantly become a legend in the Timex collection. With an all black bezel (which we were all patiently waiting for), the M79 is powered by your movement, packing a 40-hour power reserve. Luminous dial markings will guide the way on evening strolls, and the stainless-steel bracelet is that extra level of class to any fall outfit—it’s a head-turner for sure. Don’t waste any more time on this purchase, it won’t last long through the holidays.


Field Notes Wallet

Adventure awaits—but it starts in our creative minds. It involves the guts to get out there, to explore. And while that exploration may not lead us to the footsteps of a train station, the doorway of a dive bar, or a passenger boarding bridge, in no way can the motor in our souls stop churning. The Field Notes Wallet by our pals at Bexar Goods is like a key to a lock. With two card slots, a stash pocket, a built-in pen slot, and a slot designed to house a notebook of your choosing, this brown leather wallet will set you free. Exercise caution, be respectful, practice social distancing, but continue to journey. Whether it’s the rooftop of your favorite downtown building, under a tree in Central Park, or perusing the graffiti-covered buildings in the Arts District of your town, adventure awaits, and this wallet will be there every step of the way.


Watch Cap Beanie

The Watch Cap by Topo Designs is all-purpose. Pair it with the other style ingredients in this article or throw an audible and fasten it to your head as you cruise into higher altitude for mountain activities. In sleek black, you’ll look stealth as you sail down the slopes or sharp and stylish with the Alfa Military Shirt by Buck Mason. A beanie is an essential wardrobe aesthetic to the modern man.
*NOTE — Beanies are not appropriate in temperatures over 60 degrees (PERIOD)



Attach the Key Note in Coyote Brown to any pack or keychain for ultimate EDC satisfaction. Good things indeed come in small packages with this compact do-it-all knife. The Key Note opens with a started tab, and secures in place with a nail nick, complete with scraping and cutting edge with a satin finished blade. Sleek and subtle, it will have you opening all those incredible packages you ordered from the GEAR GRID with ease. 


MiiR Growler

Leaves aren’t the only thing that falling in autumn, there is also a cascading waterfall of delicious seasonal beer. Since socially distanced get-togethers with your trusty pod is the new current norm, the MiiR Vaccum Insulated Growler is a necessity for any beer drinking antics. It’s got 64oz of room to fill to the brim and support your favorite local brewery, and a handle for easy carry down those chilly city streets. ‘Tis the season for stouts, ambers, double IPAs, and porters, so fill it up and take the MiiR with you on all your exciting November excursions.


Fingerless Knit Gloves

There is no argument that fingerless gloves look about as cool on your hand as Sean Connery looked in Dr. No. Okay, maybe not that cool, but we had to find a way to show some love to the late great. Fingerless gloves are a choice style piece, but if you’re living in an area that hits freezing temps, there is only a short window in which you can wear them. That window is open now and closes when the winter blows in. While we urge you to stay off your phone when hitting the concrete under downtown city lights, Apple Maps is sometimes the compass that leads our journey, and these stylish gloves make it simple to navigate and walk. With Filson printed on the wrist, you can purchase these knowing they are made with the highest quality.