Going, going, gone.


  • March 29, 2020
  • Spaces
  • By: CYTIES

Encouraging an exotic getaway is probably the last thing we should be doing at this very moment, but what about when things return to normal after this Pandemic? Why not put a trip in the books to look forward to? At the least, this article is designed to give you a quick trip to each of the locations that you can live vicariously through while in quarantine. So, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened, and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins, and let’s touchdown at the most epic and remote hotels on planet earth.


A collection of 3 small luxury lodges (Atacama, Patagonia, Iguazu), the Awasi is a tranquil retreat for those who seek nature well before concrete. There is a private guide and 4wd vehicle assigned to each room to ensure safe and guaranteed exploration. The three lodges, though very different in the habitats (desert, base of the Andes, rainforest) they reside, were all built into nature with every effort made not to disturb the surroundings. Awasi is for those who need to escape it all and sample the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. And because three is better than 1, Awasi does offer a package to experience to all 3 locations.


What feels like the location of a future Bond movie scene is Hotel Búðir, which looks out onto one of the most epic settings in Iceland and is just a few hours outside of Reykjavik—truly remote luxury. Any room you book can’t miss with a view, either towards a glacier, the sea, the mountains; it’s a win-win. Book around the right timeframe and you will catch the Northern Lights. Knockback some drinks at the cozy dwelling inside and plan your stay around the activities that surround the hotel, such as hiking, ice-climbing, cave exploring, or super-jeep safaris. This place is the definition of æðislegur.


This design-centric retreat is located 6.6 miles from the center of Khao Kho Thailand and might be one the coolest hotels in the world (hold on one second, we’re booking a trip) ok, we’re back, and apparently, the CYTIES team is going to Thailand—’bout time. Constructed on a massive slope in the middle of mountain ranges lying in what is known as one of the best places to view what is known as the sea of mist. The goal here is to connect to the wild surroundings and further the spiritual connection to nature. Yes, there is an infinity pool, as well as open-air dining. This might be the getaway cleanse we all need when the current world state returns to normal.


If you just robbed a bank, are coming off the heist of a lifetime, or if your name is Danny Ocean and you just need a place hideout while the heat settles, get your fake passport ready for Turks & Caicos. Amanyara is where luxury gets lost in a reflection of itself. Constructed in seclusion on the shores of an 18-thousand-acre nature preserve, you’ll see nothing but white sand, turquoise water, and the lush green plants of the island. The Alcove or Pool Pavilion are recommended accommodations to stash your “winnings” while going for a dip in the infinity pool or tranquil pond.


Nestled in the wilderness along the Norwegian scenic route between the UNESCO world heritage fjord Geiranger and the dramatic views of Trollstigen lies the Juvet Landscape Hotel. The Landscape Rooms have at least one wall composed entirely of glass for optimal views of the river below while the Bird Houses are placed on the steep hillsides above the main lodge and offer a minimalist Norwegian architecture experience emphasizing less is more. And because the Juvet is all about nature, the bathhouse is built into the land at the river’s bend. The Juvet Landscape Hotel is an escape from the world and even a distant sanctuary within Norway. And to further emphasize the Juvet’s serenity, look for the movie Ex Machina.


When the first tab on a hotel’s website is “Getting Here” showing it’s a task of effort, it’s an excellent sign for remote purposes. The miraculous Fogo Island Inn at the edge of Newfoundland Canada sits on an island, off an island, surrounded by islands… basically, you’re at what the hotel describes as “one of the four corners of the Earth.” The award-winning Inn is built on the principles of sustainability and respect for nature and culture, and known for its angles and strict contours that feel at home amidst Fogo Island’s uneven landscape. Sitting atop stilts, rooms contain burning stoves, while mains floors include an Art gallery, a dining room, bar, lounge, and tea room. The second floor has the Heritage Library with works rooted to Newfoundland, a cinema, a gym, and a reading room. Upwards is the roof deck with wood-fired saunas and hot tubs that offer a view of the open sky. Forgo your previous plans for Fogo, and you won’t regret it.


first off, the construction of this hotel couldn’t happen without the approval of the United States Congress. Located in the desert of Utah, the hotel is structured into the first step of the Grand Staircase Escalante. No, this is not a mirage, though if you were lost in the desert you’d certainly think it was. Like the other inhabitants of the land, the hotel blends into the landscape of its surroundings. This is luxury in the wild west where self-discovery is unbound, and extravagance is unlimited.


Sitting on 18.5 acres in the middle of the Hocking Hills, The Box Hop was built from 3 shipping containers. The modern design with hard lines and sharp corners is a unique juxtaposition to the Ohio forests. You will be alone with your thoughts and the beauty of nature because there is not another dwelling in sight or within miles. The Box Hop has everything you need for a luxurious retreat while the rest of the world is stuck in the hustle and bustle. And if this container style dwelling looks right for you, book now because The Box Hop is already talking about 2021.


When the recommended travel to the hotel is by Helicopter, you know you’re going somewhere special. After a quick 25-minute chopper ride from Athens, you’ll step foot on what feels like an ancient Greek epic. Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to live in Acropolis? With 360-degree views that compose of olive groves and a teal blue sea, you’ll quickly understand a life that was created for immortals. Amanzoe is at the nexus of the Universe, where time freezes and beauty grows on trees and blows in the wind.