Cozy up in the nations capital


  • December 27, 2022
  • Tips
  • By: Andrew williams

If the flock of bundled up new year partygoers stretching from the Wharf to Ivy City wasn’t a clear enough indication, winter has arrived in the nation’s capital just in time for 2023. It’s perfect weather for hot chocolate, apple cider, and a straight-up pour of scotch.

Come out of the cold and get cozy in the District with our curated list of intimate cocktail bars. Bring a date, bring a friend, or just bring yourself. Happy New Year, folks.

600t — This subterranean gem, in the Shaw neighborhood is flush with handsome wood and exposed brick, low lighting, a toasty fire, and top-notch drinks.

Allegory D.C. — Considered by many to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to cocktail bars in the District, this one should be on everyone’s list. Tucked away in the stylish Eaton Hotel, through a library, it’s cool personified.

Bar Charley — With a locale that’s just a step below ground level, mind your footing descending into this Dupont mainstay. We suggest sitting by the front window for optimum people-watching.

Denson Liquor Bar — There’s a recurring theme here; we can’t help ourselves when it comes to below-ground cocktail joints. It’s easy to miss this bar on the street, but the mid-century digs and plush booths are worth the visit.

Jane Jane — It’s like walking into your mother’s kitchen, where booze is the main course. Vibrant colors, bottomless goldfish, and a variety of outstanding cocktails will keep you coming back for more.

Morris American Bar — One of our favorite craft cocktail destinations, this remains one of the city’s hidden gems. The space is saturated in pastel blue, always friendly and the drinks are always on-point.

O.K.P.B. — This attic-level intimate cocktail bar has stolen the hearts and undying loyalty of patrons in the surrounding Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and beyond. The menu changes every night, so keep your wits about you.

Truxton Inn — We’re suckers for mid-century decor. Also, the drinks are creative, the bites are satisfying and it’s definitely a bit off the beaten path.