Frames to protect your baby blues


There is certainly a stigma that comes with wearing your sunglasses at night, but with spring’s arrival and summer knockin’ on the door, a fresh pair of sunnies is only fitting to boost your style and to protect your baby blues. When you step out the door of your urban loft, desolate Lincoln Log cabin, beachside villa or shitty affordable studio, your shades should be the front runner of your EDC kit right along with your wallet, knife, and keys. It would be quintessential if there were one great pair to fight off the solar flares from our distant star, but similar to most accessories, there are just too many Grammy nominated wardrobe changes in the day for you to rely on the Arco standbys. And the sporty Bolle frames from the afternoon’s totally sick, tanktop enthused Spike Ball tourney will not work when you’re heading out to happy hour.

So how do you choose between blue blockers for a high noon Sunday stroll over the aviators crafted for your sunset cruise on daddy’s catamaran along the Catalina Coast? Thankfully, with more options for eyewear than there are sunny days in a year, there is no reason not to stock your shoulder fanny pack with a few different sets of goggles. And in no particular order…




With no intentional insult to the English, it can be real cloudy and grey across the pond but even they know a solid pair of sunglasses are a necessity. The Collier’s bridgeless construction is unique and beneficial for the tiny nosed individuals, while the intricately designed gold frames present a London masher appearance that will have your crew handing out knuckle bleeding ‘pounds.’ But maybe the most notable bit about the Colliers, is they’re named after a famous street in London flanked by Joseph Grimaldi Park, the final resting place of London’s most famous clown. Does anybody know where Bozo honked his last horn?

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As Pier Sun sits on the bridge of your nose beckoning the call of the bright rays, Garrett Leight’s sunnie is a sophisticated classic. It shimmers prestige with a gold hinge nestled amidst the black frame and tinted lenses. And where others can speak to protection from the sun, the Pier Sun is designed in SoCal where the slightest wisp of the fluffy whites deter individuals from heading outdoors. They are the pair to cycle through business meetings, first dates and sport coated cocktails, depicting the finer things in life while giving the nod to tailored style.

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The name is hooked on phonics entertaining, they are designed in the world’s fashion capital of Paris, and they’re priced not to break the bank—you can’t really go wrong with the IZIPIZI #Sun Nautic. Crafted on the premise for those seeking water-oriented sports or just out for a long walk on the beach, the polarized lenses respect the natural coloring of life while fighting off the harsh UV rays. The #Sun Nautics offer practical style while edging ever so close to a one pair treasure that most seek.

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And back to London we go, but with the fame of the Steve McQueen backing the 714s, these shades are “The King of Cool.” Worn in the original Thomas Crown Affair, the 714 SMs come standard with polarized lenses, the revolutionary Meflecto tech that conforms to anyone’s melon while eliminating pressure on the temples and a hinged bridge allowing the pair to be folded in half and stuffed in a pocket. So, whether it comes to masterminding one of history’s greatest fictional art heists or piercing good looks, the 714 SMs are a must have.

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Raen might call their Wiley-A square sunglasses, but there will be no L-7 weenie when you’re hitting the concrete in these specs. Seeking the happy medium of aesthetic and functionality, the Wiley’s lightweight construction is reinforced with metal trim hiding in the shadows of handmade diligence. The Wiley-A and the Raen collection rise from the beaches of Oceanside with the intent of disrupting the optical market with affordable, long-lasting eyewear – to the extent that the Cali burrito is still well within your daily budget.

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Conspiring with the Roaring 20s and Prohibition comes the Vint & York Jazz Age. The glasses deter from any unbridled interpretation unlike music era surrounding them. But the oversized frame will invigorate your cool cat sax player motif, similar to the mystery of the next note played. Outside the hazy centric club, they are the perfect pair for your struggling stroll to brunch after a long night, hiding every last shot pulsating through your bloodshot eyes. This is the pair you reach for when you’re running out the door, not knowing what lies ahead and that the likes Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Ella Fitzgerald would have longed for.

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Everybody knows the iconic aviator lens, but when Captain Mack moves onto military flight operations, the P3 is the optical of choice. The lenses maintain true color and contrast across all terrain, including sidewalk cracks and bar menus. This means as you embark on the coveted Sunday Funday, setting up shop on the barside patio, the lenses work for you as the hours fly by and the ensuing brownout has Monday morning showing up earlier than expected. And the P3’s circular frame will undoubtedly boost your ego as you’re confidently picking up the tab for a growing group of new friends. It’s a simple design sought after by pilots and concrete explorers alike.

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If you haven’t heard of Pit Viper or seen a pair of their shades… you’re welcome. These babies represent the iconic 80’s hotdogging, party enthusiast. They “Demand Respect and Authority” from an industry leader unlike any other. Undoubtedly, there will be a time and place for these bad boys as they transcend from ski slope to putting green, to grandma’s potluck and even to Thad’s bar mitzvah at the local roller rink. In a nutshell, they are coined “the sunglasses, sunglasses would wear, if sunglasses could wear sunglasses.”

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In the end, you’re going to pick a pair of sunglasses that speaks to your personal style, and the optics we’ve chosen are mere suggestions. But you should remember that white frames are simply miserable, mirrored aviators belong in Uncle Leo’s van, and when the time comes to remove the tinted frame, find a pocket, case, hat brim, counter, or forehead for them to rest—NEVER should your sunnies be laid upon the of the back of your neck, just below your Guy Fieri bleached spikes.

And with the ongoing debate of whether or not to rock your shades as you head out for early drinks and the rest of the eve, trust us, you will want them. There is nothing worse than that harrowing sunset hour where it’s too bright not to have them as your squinting in every direction until the orange orb drops below the horizon.

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” – Jack Nicholson

Big Sunglasses Hide All Sins.


Polarized lenses are amazing. Scratch resistant are a must!!

Leave the croakie at home with your faded Red Sox cap

Even if you’re that guy/girl that never loses anything, you will eventually lose your frames—have a backup pair ready to go

Mirrored lenses are great for hiding your eye f*cking, but Carson Daly isn’t hosting TRL anymore—update your tint