Coolest sleek and tactical key clips & carabiners


  • March 11, 2021
  • Gadgets
  • By: Travis Platt

It’s the little things in life that get us through our daily tasks. Ask yourself, how important can a carabiner or key clip be to one’s everyday antics? Well, if you’re an avid reader of CYTIES, live for the open road, and strive to turn the engine to any and all adventures, well then, a carabiner or key clip might just be one of the most critical items in your EDC. It’s got to be crafted to last, earn a badge of trust, and work with ease. Because whatever keys are dangling off the ring attached, we’re pretty sure you worked your ass off for what they fit into. Your carabiner or clip carry is the vessel to give those beloved keys (to the home, car, bike, or safe) the earned respect that they deserve. Below is a roundup of key carries that have earned our seal of approval. 

Jens Carabiner

Kershaw’s Jens Carabiner is sleek and tough, and a perfect size to attach to your keys or a travel bag. The durable carabiner clip is equipped with three hex wrenches, a built-in cord cutter, and a bottle opener for the coldies straight from the cooler. Kershaw coated this gadget with a steel black oxide to fight off all corrosion, wear and tear. Clip it on and don’t look back.


FL10 Titanium Carabiner Flashlight

The most robust on this list and by far the most features packed into one carabiner is the FL10 Titanium from Mecarmy. We are pretty sure this exact model could be on Batman’s utility belt. This heavy-duty bad boy comes with a flashlight emphasizing five illuminating modes, a flat head screwdriver, prybar, spring-loaded wire gate, USB recharge, box cutter, and bottle opener.  Your keys or whatever the FL10 attaches to is riding shotgun to this tactical and tricked out everyday carry.


Maglock Key Clip

If you’re constantly turning the ignition, the Maglock Key Clip was made for you. Orbitkey solved the puzzle of many everyday carry connoisseurs; instant one-handed key access. When it’s time to reach for unlocking the car door, motorcycle, or starting up the boat, a swift pull from the tab releases your keyring with absolute ease. Not only is the detachable section innovative, but their Fidlock attachment is highly secure—it won’t be coming loose without your assistance. The open D ring allows you to stack up several keys or fobs easily.


The Dangler

More of a minimalist and looking for your carry to match your simple style? Enter the small but mighty Dangler from our pals at KeySmart. This tough little guy will keep any keys securely in place, is incredibly discreet. Loop in on a bag or your belt loop for a go-to, everyday carry key clip. At the price of 5 buckaroos, it’s hard not to order a few.


The Holcombe

If you haven’t heard of James, well then, you don’t carry. The Holcombe is slim and un-intrusive, fitting perfectly from any belt-loop. Whatever you choose to attach to it will be safe and sound in a second compartment. The Holcombe is built to last, crafted out of stainless steel 6a 4v titanium, and finished in PVD-coated tumbled raw titanium, in Layman’s terms; STRONG AS HELL. We love it, our team owns it, it’s a must for any EDC package.