When heading out into the world unknown, it’s always important to be as EDC prepared as possible. Things like cardholders, keys with the proper keychain tools, sunnies, and some sort of a power source are great, but the piece that will prove to be the most beneficial day in and day out is the pocket concealed knife. A testy bag of chips that just won’t open, a stick that needs whittling, and even the near-indestructible plastic packaging will be no match for your blade of choice. And if you’re still on the hunt or looking to upgrade your pint-sized sword, the options are plentiful and just so happen to be listed below.

Gerber Fastball

Sharp, simple, and to the point, the Gerber Fastball is the perfect EDC accompaniment. It’s American made with an intuitive finger flip opener and while airplanes rule the skies, the aircraft-grade aluminum handle is ideal for the streets. The Fastball is a sure-fire knife for day-to-day operations and guarantees a quick, smooth deployment every time. 

Blade length – 3”

BUY NOW / $105

The James Brand Chapter

With a minimalist appeal, the James Brand Chapter is a classic folder reinvented for 2020. The frame-lock construction is made from titanium and the semi-stainless steel blade is easy to maintain and will ultimately hold an edge well beyond the stitching of the pocket it rides in. The Chapter is the EDC knife that softly whispers, “say hello to my little friend.”

Blade length – 2.81”

BUY NOW / $275

Leatherman Skeletool KBx

We all know Leathermans are always much more than a knife and the Skeletool KBx certainly follows its ancestral lineage. The KBx has a combo straight/serrated blade with a built-in bottle opener on the removable clip. With the blade deployed, the KBx looks mean, but when it’s tucked away, this tool is like a mongoose ready and waiting to pounce. 

Blade length – 2.6”

BUY NOW / $24.95

WESN Henry

With Cherrywood inlays, the WESN Henry is all about that class, class, class. It’s lightweight, EDC ready, and an updated take on the classic slip-joint pocket knife. The blade is of Swedish steel and backed by over 150 years of steel molding experience, which certainly plays into the lifetime warranty of the knife. The Henry is a pocket-sized spear point with a lanyard hole. Rest assured that if the journey leads down a dark alley, the WESN Henry will have the Jets and Sharks running the opposite direction.

Blade length – 2.35”

BUY NOW / $115

Benchmade 602 Tengu Tool

Now, this is a blade to pop anyone and everyone’s bubble. The Benchmade 602 Tengu Tool is a shorty that packs a punch with a sleeper bottler opener tucked away in the bow. It’s a flipper that is 100% EDC certified and even just out on display, those lucky enough to catch a glimpse will take not of the satin steel finish. The 602 Tengu Tool may get lost in your pocket due to its tiny size, but at the end of the day, this blade will leave a victorious warpath in the rearview mirror.

Blade length – 1.14”

BUY NOW / $180

Opinel Carbon Blade No.02 Folding Knife

With a Yatagan blade inspired by Turkish sabers with the toe pointing up, the Opinel No.02 is optimal for executing the little things in life. Take this blade to letter opening or for popping tags off your latest threads. The handle is made from Beechwood and the blade from Carbon Steel, while the overall size of the knife paints the line of never counting out the little guy. The Opinel No.02 will quickly become your #2 in a very Dr. Evil kind of way.

Blade length – 1.38”

BUY NOW / $10

SOG Aegis AT

Designed for the outdoors and excels on the streets, the SOG Aegis AT is a stunning combination of cryogenically heat-treated D2 stainless steel and ergonomic design. And because this blade is sharper than sharp, the Aegis AT comes heavily loaded with safety and blade locking mechanisms. When uncertainly lies around every corner, the SOG Aegis AT clipped to your pocket paints a picture closer to frolicking in the meadow.

Blade length – 3.13”

BUY NOW / $84.95

Quiet Carry iQ

This is not a conceal and carry scenario, this is a Quiet Carry iQ situation. The iQ is as sharp as a whistle sheepsfoot-style blade ideal for coring and slicing. It’s slim, lightweight, and is the perfect addition to any EDC. The ELMAX steel is known for its toughness and edge retention. The Quiet Carry iQ does come with a warning that it may get lost in cargo pockets, but let’s be honest, if you’re rocking cargo pockets you should be self-quarantining…

Blade length – 2.9”

BUY NOW / $198

Higonokami Nagao Kanekoma, Aogami

It goes without saying, the Japanese just seem to do things better and the Higonokami Nagao Kanekoma is no exception. The Nagao Kanekoma is a masterpiece of design and a visual tantalizer. It is handmade by experienced blacksmiths that embed the renowned Aogamin blue steel into a double-edge blade with long-lasting sharpness. The brass handle is the perfect accompaniment to the refined steel blade. All said and done, the Higonokami Nagao Kanekoma is one you keep above the mantel on display ’till you’re called to battle… or head out for the day.

Blade length – 3.1”

BUY NOW / $36


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The first limited-production pocket knives showed up in England around 1650

Just so you all know, it’s not pronounced ka-nife, it’s just nife.

Remember, clipped to or nestled in your pocket, your EDC knife is a tool, not a weapon