It's Vintage Game Time


  • June 12, 2020
  • Gadgets
  • By: Travis Platt

Vintage appeal rules the ranks within the CYTIES world when it comes to, well, really anything. Don’t get us wrong, the release of the insanely cool looking PS5 is next level, but our mantra is to always be on the move—living within the vast open roads and headed where those roads lead us. So, when it comes to gaming we have to admit, the Evercade Retro Game Console is the newest member tossed in our travel pack. 

For any devoted retro fan, it’s an immediate throwback to the good ‘ol days of gaming. The Evercade delivers classic gems from some of the greatest names in all of the classic video gaming era, even offers new games developed for old consoles—we’re talking all the hits. Offering over five hours of playing time on the go, you’ll be back in the late ’80s early ’90s, popping in cartridges and tapping the D-Pad in no time, the only thing missing will be a Crystal Pepsi.

So get down with some game time without being that guy with a headset and an empty container of cheeseballs. In a world that quite often is only about the “next, next” it’s refreshing to rewind the nostalgic elements of Evercade and embrace your inner Wizard, no Power Glove needed.


The Atari Collection 2 is absolute FIRE

If you need to see it on the flat screen, Evercade hooks up with any HDMI

Check out the rest of the cartridge packs here

To purchase, get over to one of these online retailers

Our lead contributor Ben Hitch has already purchased the above by the time you’re reading this