Heading out onto the slopes or into the backcountry may look a little different this year, but it shouldn’t deter you from being geared to the nines with the best of the best. Conditions will vary each day and most likely change throughout the extent of your gnar buttering adventure, but out in the elements with the proper pair of goggles will undoubtedly elevate the experience. Think of them as sunglasses for the slopes… would you go to the beach, or even walk outside on a bright day without your sunnies? NO, you wouldn’t and the same applies as hitting the mountains for a day of shred. Your goggles will help with protecting your delicate baby blues from the UV rays and ward off any of the harsh conditions met by your extreme speeds and pow hunting. There are umpty million different styles and colors of goggles these days, but we at CYTIES are no gapers and have yet to assemble the squad with anyone named Jerry.


The I/O MAG XL is the top dawg from the Smith Optics family, with style and performance pulsating through its design. The built-in ChromoPop lens technology will boost color and contrast, and combined with the anti-fogging ventilation, there is no obstacle that will come as a surprise. And as the day might start in the clouds with the sun popping by lunch, these I/Os come standard with the MAG lens switchout technology. It’s as easy as a pop and lock from the comfort of the chairlift to switch out the lens. The Smith I/O MAG XLs are the cream of the crop and full send ready right out of the box.



With the industry’s premier athletes’ hands in the design lab, the Oakley Flight Path was built to withstand high speeds and triple corking octo-grabs. The XL size maximizes field-of-view and the new Ridgelock EV lens construction leads to greater upward visibility, which comes in handy when you’re in a full tuck battling to be crowned King of the Mountain. Switching out the lens is effortless while always maintaining a full seal and never allowing the elements to hamper your vision. With 20 ft pipe walls or gaper gates on the horizon, the Oakley Flight Path goggles will guarantee the best in sight… sticking the landing is up to you.



Constructed from the belief that  “more lens, less frame”  is best, the Electric EGG is all about what sights lie ahead. The toric lens mimics the curve of your noggin, helping open the 4th dimension of your peripheral vision. The EGGs ensure you’ll be slaying pow from bell to bell with 100% UVA/UVB protection, anti-scratch, and anti-fog coatings. And if by chance you go full send, the silicone lined strap will keep your goggles where they are supposed to be instead of leap years down the hill without you. These Electric goggles are simply and full pun intended, EGGcellent.



It doesn’t seem like Snoop would ever be caught out on the slopes, but with the Dragon X2s, “murder is the case they gave me.” Capable of switching out the lens without even taking the goggles off your face and the added armored frame ventilation deters any fogging, even from a solid boot pack to the goods. The large fit is ideal for surveying the terrain and eyeing the knuckle for the ensuing butter. Dragon has been in the game for quite some time, bettering themselves with each passing year, but the X2 may have just set the industry standard.



No doubt the Zeal Portal opens the doors to sights unseen and mixed with all the Jerrys, the untracked pow will be all yours for the taking. The construction of these goggles ensures they will never fog on the big hike or the wettest of PNW pow surfing days. And as ease of adjustment is of the utmost importance, the Portal’s unique Rail Lock System promises to get you out of your storm lens and into the bluebird without so much as an eyebrow raise. Zeal Optics calls the Rockies home, so you better believe their Portal is exactly that, into the world of powpow.



Where certain goggles will claim to have a revolutionary goggle to helmet fit, the Anon M4 takes it one step further with face mask integration. The goggle itself contours to the natural curvature of your dome, opening the full spectrum of pow to be slain. The magnetic seal of the lens holds tight when you need it most and when it comes time to switch out the lens it is easy as a snap of the fingers. Anon is the accessory component of Burton’s snow sports notoriety, so from the top of the peek with the M4 on, there should be no concern about the rising stoke levels.