A Luxury 4×4 Built for Adventure


  • July 18, 2021
  • Garage
  • By: Pete Whish

If you don’t dent, scratch, or cover this vehicle in mud within the first month of owning it, it may not be for you… Perhaps try the Volvo dealership down the street. The Airstream 24X is rugged and for that, we are grateful.

When one thinks of Airstream, the first thing that comes to mind is their iconic trailer: glistening aluminum, timeless style, and often occupied by Matthew McConaughey (shirts optional). Airstream’s quintessential trailers are American-made from over 3,000 rivets, taking more than 300 hours from start to finish. As American as the hamburgers grilled trailer-side, after a long day spent tossin’ the pigskin—God. Bless. America. The Airstream trailer is ingrained in America’s DNA. So, how does one improve upon such an iconic vessel? Germain engineering, of course!

The Interstate 24X is the latest edition to the Airstream family. Rather than reinvent the trailer (which they’ve already done), Airstream has modified Mercedes Benz’ Sprinter Van into an ass-kicking, trail-beating, gear-hauling beast.

Predominantly used as delivery vehicles, Sprinter Vans are usually seen parked curbside, dropping off miscellaneous gadgets that were drunkenly purchased on Amazon the night before. If you can’t unsee the dutiful history of Sprinters, think of Airstream’s Interstate 24X as a van built to deliver America to Americans. Though unfortunately not a literal analogy, the Interstate 24X will take you virtually anywhere. 4×4 capabilities with an air suspension will allow you to blaze new trails until you find the perfect campsite for the night, even if that campsite is in the middle of the desert or along the side of a cliff.

The result of Airstream’s outdoor ethos packed in a Mercedes Benz is a unique balance between rugged and sleek. Go offroad and look good doing it. Better yet, go off-grid and look good doing it. And doing off the grid is where the Interstate 24X truly sets itself apart. Solar charging, exterior grill hook-ups, floodlights, interior 2-burner stove, seamless shower, and the largest flat-lay bed in its class—amenities aplenty. Turn your road trip into a lifestyle. Laugh as you soar past Van Life influencers as they call AAA on their way to Joshua Tree. You’ll be grilling steak, enjoying an ice-cold beer under your well-light awning before those hashtag hounds see a pickup truck on the desert horizon.

Many years from now, one can only hope that the Interstate 24X becomes an icon. It has all of the features and the ability to put them to the test. For your next road trip, rather than scroll through a black hole of Airbnbs, take your campsite with you. Explore, deviate from your plans, toss the GPS out the window. Hit the concrete…or the dirt, or gravel, or mud. Whichever road you choose, you’ll be fine in the warm embrace of the Interstate 24X.

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