• August 17, 2020
  • Garage

Others have proved that gas is no longer required to go fast and kickass and with improvements being made every day to electric vehicles, it was only a matter of time before one hit the rumor mill that had bad mofo written all over it. BOLLINGER MOTORS, now calling none other than Detroit home, has come to the plate to offer a fleet of all-electric, all-wheel drive, all-terrain sport utility & pickup trucks.


Perhaps you could put the B1 into the generic SUV class of vehicles, but this Sport Utility Truck is a league all on its own. Boasting an astonishing 614 electric ponies with 668 ft of torque and a 5000 lbs payload, this B1 is far superior to any SUV on the market. 100% this monster will reign supreme on the city streets, but getting dirty and turning rocks into rumble is what the B1 was built for. The design is simple and hard lined throughout with a beyond minimalist interior and for you and the 3 other passengers, the B1’s 15 inch clearance is a real curb stomper. And if you fear there might not be enough storage space, the B1 has a 13 ft storage tunnel running right down the gullet from bumper to bumper. If you like, rip the doors and glass and drive the B1 as close to the moon as anyone has been in nearly 50 years.


Take everything from the B1, give it the pickup upgrade and wham, the B2. This BOLLINGER is delivering an electric pickup with 7,500 lbs of towing capacity and a 6 ft bed that easily extends to 8 ft to haul all your toys. The same minimalist design defines the interior while right angles give this e-truck a bad boy image. The gearbox is a 2 speed high/low and when you want to open it up, the B2 will reach a max speed of 100 mph. Consider the B2 to be the evil twin brother of the B1 with the same DNA, but built to haul and take on whatever of life’s hardships are thrown it’s way.


The world’s first and only Class 3 electric truck, that one might say is the ridin’ dirty family member of the BOLLINGER fleet. The chassis is the same, but unlike the B1 and B2, the B2CC has no junk in the truck. Built to reduce costs and impact of commercial operations this flatbed will change power lines, tow those old school gas powered vehicles, and displace all those old big haulers with a 2 and 4 door option. The B2CC is an all wheel drive phenom that will prove it’s versatility across the commercial landscape.