French boutique bike builders DAB Motors


  • October 24, 2022
  • Garage
  • By: CYTIES

The future is electric, and the future is badass. As Modern Explorers, how we ride to the next adventure is sometimes the best part. DAB Motors has introduced the CONCEPT-E, a pinnacle of production in the vision of electric vehicles on two wheels. The company explores and designs a holistic solution for the boldest urban riders, and we would gladly park it in our CYTIES garage.

The fall seasons made to hit an open stretch of road and send the leaves flying like confetti. The CONCEPT- E is fully equipped to make this happen, with a 10kW motor and a 51.8V Li-ion battery. The beauty of this futuristic bike is its driving comfort and instinctive use, combined with a powerful torque that will send you flying through the streets so discreetly and stealthy you’ll feel like the next Marvel superhero.

Add in the carbon fiber; Öhlins suspensions, Beringer CNC aluminum brakes, and a Gates belt drive running on aluminum machined pulleys, and you’ve got the DAB formula for the new apex of construction for e-bikes. Minimal, dependable, and so damn sleek, DAB has set the standard for the future of electric mobility.