One hell of winter ride


  • December 23, 2020
  • Garage
  • By: Travis Platt

As winter fast approaches, so does our need for a dream machine to part the snow. Stealthed out from the rearviews to the tires, we introduce you to the Land Rover Defender 110, Chelsea Truck Co. 110 End Edition Pick Up. Yes, a long name to describe the absolute badassery that’s eluded from this blacked-out machine. If Batman was chasing Mr. Freeze into glacier covered terrain, the Dark Knight is undoubtedly riding in this Defender.

So, who do we owe a firm gentleman’s handshake for this drool-worthy auto candy? Nonother than the original British Automotive fashion house, KAHN® via Chelsea Truck Company. KAHN® has got over twenty years of experience in the industry, tailoring vehicles to VERY precise specifications to maximize every element of the automobile, and The End Edition Pick Up is just an example of how high they set the bar.

Sophistication leads the way with the interior, featuring a double 3 spoke steering wheel on the right-hand side, ready to plow through anything type of elements thrown at it. Comfort within is a crush Vesuvius Orange, as the front and middle seats re-upholstered in quilted and perforated leather. The exterior will leave any onlooker in a state of reverence. The front bumper is made of stainless steel, complimented with shadow chrome headlights. Twiss crosshair exhaust systems allow the beast to roar, with 100mm tailpipes, and don’t get us started on the Mondial Retro 20″ wheels with Cooper AT/3 tires—it’s something you only dreamed of as a child.

The Chelsea Truck Co. Land Rover Defender 110 is one of many elite automobiles that KAHN® specializes in. The team is dedicated to “redefining the spirit and aesthetic of each vehicle, always placing sophistication before ostentation, and originality before the convention.” It’s safe to say you’ve never felt truly alive until you barrel through a mountain blizzard, hands on the wheel determined to push forward with confidence, this Land Rover Defender will give any driver that and more—winter beware.