No Need for Roads


  • May 21, 2020
  • Garage
  • By: Travis Platt

For founder James W. Shondel it all began in Nantucket in 1994 when he was hypnotized by the sight of a Defender parked along a street in all its glory. Since then, James hasn’t looked back, building a life (one nut and bolt at a time) around his favorite machine. A Defender evokes a feeling that many vehicles try to imitate unsuccessfully, one that inspires a daring adventure with the turn of a key. 

Himalaya is committed to capturing the heritage and adventure that comes along with a Land Rover Defender, the spirit that is captured in every single piece of the vehicle. James and his crew work tirelessly to make what they believe is the ultimate Defender for the modern era, “offering drivable automotive artwork for the most discerning and appreciative guardians of this iconic vehicle.”

If you know anything about the sought after Defender, you will understand that like most vintage rides, it has its hurdles with mechanical reliability.  Himalaya leaves no detail overlooked with their Defenders, building with all new parts from the frame up. They truly are made available for all Land Rover enthusiasts who revel in the unique design, but crave a modern edge when operating a vehicle. It’s a form of automotive artwork that sets a standard for a classic car.

So the question is, do you dare to go all-in on the same dream James had back in ’94?  If anything, the current state of the world should remind you, that at any moment you should be able to hit the open road and perhaps, not look back. 


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