Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin


When it comes time to leave the house for that daily journey we call life, you’re probably going to be packing more than what can be carried in your Wranglers. And with the way fashion orients our lives, you simply can’t reach for the that ole JanSport anymore. Your pack has to match your getup, it has to indicate that you’re in tune with the hip culture and if you’re keeping everything in check, you’re sporting a pack that no one has seen and everyone wants.

There isn’t a defined answer for how many different backpacks are on the market and dedicating an afternoon to search the web for the perfect rucksack is like asking Siri to divide 0 by 0 – it doesn’t work. You need to go into the battle with some sort of preparation, as simple as the color or size, or starting with a few brands you know before you dig deep into the interwebs and maybe even starting with the five below. Up to you how you get to the “X” on the map, we’re just here to help.



You grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now it’s your turn to Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go with the Locker Pack Lux. Its design maintains shape whether stuffed or empty and with a black on black coloring and no visible zipper lines, this pack is as stealthy as it is stylish. There is an external laptop pocket with hidden entry, and for longer days out on the scene, there are two internal water bottle pockets waiting to hold your stockpile. Everything about this pack is internal and hidden from the outside world, but when you need to get in, it’s hinged opening gives quick access to your all your goodies.

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WANDRD – PRVKE SERIES (wasatch green)

This is the minimalist pack with all the bells and whistles and few zippers. The PRVKE SERIES is built with the photographer in mind and the daily explorer at heart. It’s a roll-top pack with a big ole Texas cowboy sized buckle locking everything down. There are a handful of sleeper entryways to access your gear quickly while keeping onlookers at bay. And at purchase, you have the option to add a Travel or Photography Bundle, both of which put this bag on a pedestal for anyone walking out the door with the purpose of adventure. This is the pack Frodo wished he had for his epic trek to Mordor as it surely would’ve kept the Sméagol and the Eye confused to the ring’s location.

BUY NOW / $184


ILE – ASNMNT (camo)

The ASNMNT (Assignment) is the utility pack you keep at the front door, loaded and ready to assault the concrete. It’s made in the U.S.A, in Cali, Cali, with durable waterproof materials and a sturdy fleece CPU compartment to keep your files safe because the files are in the computer. The four compression straps surrounding the bag allow you to adjust your load capacity and pack to the ASNMNT, instead of picking and choosing what stays and what goes. Whether your heading to the coffee shop with the wifi workforce or out for a fixed ride, this urban explorer is salivating at the thought of the unknown.

BUY NOW / $280



If you know what sports are, then you saw Lebron rolling into the Staples Center with a glass of red wine and a Bedford Ave blue blazer. But, you didn’t see this Brooks England pack because not even Lebron knows about it. The adventure is in the name, with Pickwick exploring day and night around the remote outskirts of daily life. It’s made of soft leather in Italy, with a reflective backing making you visible as lights pass by, but dark enough to hide the shadows when you’re on a solo mission – but remember to tell Mr. Dickens when you’ll be home. And if you like to the keep your pant pockets empty, the low side passport pocket is the perfect home for your wallet, keys and if you can bare not to have it in your hands, your cell phone.

BUY NOW / $438



It doesn’t matter if George Clooney is your favorite Batman… well, maybe it does because he was and is far behind Val, Keaton, Christian and Mr. West. And if any of them had carried their gadgets in a pack instead of on their belt, the Invisible Backpack would’ve been their choice with its sleek and undecorated design. It has two hidden side pockets, a waterproof lining, a drop-in pocket on top for quick EDC access and a shoe pocket on the underside to stash your PF Flyers for a quick getaway. Just imagine when the Michael Keaton Batman said to the Batmobile, “shields,” an impassable safeguard forms around the Batmobile, protectively hiding everything inside – just like the Invisible Backpack.

BUY NOW / $183

There is no telling what the day will bring once you step out your front door, or at least there should be some question to what is waiting for you. If you knew all the happenings of the day, what would be the point of getting out of bed? Exploration of the unknown is what fuels the mind and keeps you on your toes. And where there may be a question and with only so little room to pack the day’s necessities in your dungarees, you’re going to need a pack to suit your journey.

Whether you start, compare or end your search for the optimal pack with the list above or call on Alexa for the world’s most expensive backpack, there is one out there waiting for you and to house dedicated EDC.


The most influential backpack of all time may be the Super Soaker 300

It was not until 1910 that the word backpack was coined

Remember how cool you were walking down the hallways in high school with just one strap over your shoulder—bet you wouldn’t roll that way these days

Extra points if you know what backpack rappers are, or can name one (email us, we dare you)

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