Brandon Hunter’s Grooming Go-To’s

San Diego’s own Brandon Hunter is a modern renegade when it comes to men’s grooming. From his own shears at Sound Cuts, to his perception on modern men’s style, he keeps things sharp as hell. We were able to catch up with Brandon amongst his busy week of booked chairs, burrito binging, and wave shredding. The goal? Get the answers to the hair products he can’t live without that keep him SoCal fresh all season long. So, pass over the burrito — take it away Brandon.

 Layrite Cement Clay

Brandon: I love this specific clay because it’s still water-soluble. Most clays are going to be really tacky and will leave residue, but Layrite got it right with this one. Super high hold, still gives a natural matte finish, and washes out so you don’t destroy your pillow when you go to bed.

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Byrd Surf Spray

B: Nothing screams SD more than some salt stuck in your hair, and everyone knows that’s when hair is the easiest to style. Instead of walking down to the water everyday and sticking your head in just to achieve that perfect grit in your hair… Byrd did it for us with this product. I use it before I blow-dry and for loose but still formable hairstyles there is nothing better than this. Yo! And the smell is crazy good.

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Byrd Purifying Shampoo

B: Shampoos are hard because people think they are supposed to be for your hair but it’s actually just to clean your scalp. Byrd made a shampoo that smells incredible (same scent as Surf Spray) and also isn’t too abrasive for the scalp. You shouldn’t be going to hard with shampoo because your hair needs its natural oils. You won’t catch me with any other shampoo in our shops, that’s for sure.

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Beardbrand Temple Smoke Beard Oil

Temple Smoke

B: I’m Filipino so I can’t front and act like I have a beard, but if I did… I use this product on all my bearded clients. This oil is too good for so many reasons, it conditions the beard, is infused with essential oils, and smells amazing. For those of you conditioning your beard with hair conditioner — stop, it dries out your skin. Use this with a beard wash and your beard game will be 100%.

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Shwarzkopf OSiS+ Mattifying Powder

OsisB: I’ve saved the best for last, my homegirl Sofie put me on to this and I haven’t looked back. This is hands down the most amazing product I’ve ever used. For anybody with thinning hair and desires more volume, loves a matte natural finish, or needs a strong hold, this product is the one for you. It acts as a talcum powder in your hair and absorbs the oil and swells your hair, so you end up with a strong hold. It’s by far the most practical product for the lazy styler (95% of men). Cant hype this product up enough, try it for yourself. I go through two dozen of these a week. Everyone that walks in, walks out with it.

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B: Personally, I’m a big advocate of natural styling, none of the products I use have shine. Granted, I know that some people desire a classic style, but truthfully with every client I have we have strayed away from the gel/pomade look and have gone more natural. Just because there’s no shine doesn’t mean there’s no hold. These are my five favorites right now, and maybe even for the rest of my career. My goal is to help the person in my chair recreate the look I gave them in less time at home.

Your grooming guru has spoken, stock up on Brandon’s go-to choices to sharpen up and increase the sound of your look. If you’re rolling through SoCal, stop in the shop and “chop it up” with the man himself. 

“My hair was famous before I was.” — Christopher  Walken