Having your essentials ready to go and a Dopp to throw them in when adventure calls is all too important these days because the window of playtime is always changing. Whether you keep an auxiliary set of grooming essentials or pack them for the occasion, there is certainly a checklist of the basics that absolutely need to be packed. You’ve got to have something for the face, the body, the hair, the teeth, and a little something-something to set the tone. And before you run out the door with grooming essentials in a sandwich bag, it’s important to start with a duty and styled top-notch Dopp kit.

Bellroy Dopp Kit

The Bellroy Dopp Kit is the perfect getaway bag for your grooming gear. A water resistant exterior is met by a designated toothbrush sleeve with magnetic closure and mesh pockets to organize your goods. The Bellroy Dopp is simple, modern, and built to withstand the hardships of the travel unknown.


Lumin Clarifying Body Wash

Relying on a friend’s or hotel’s body wash is 100% a no-no and that’s why you’ve got to be stocked with the Lumin Clarifying Body Wash. Made to ward off dirt build-up, body odor, body breakouts, and inflammation, this body wash provides a clarifying refresher. And formulated with tea tree oil to effectively clean and promote clearer skin, plus aloe vera and jojoba oil to nourish and prevent dryness. Your body is a wonderland, don’t forget your Lumin Clarifying Body Wash.


LAB SERIES 3-in-1 Shave & Beard Oil

One bottle for the 1, 2, 3 punch. The Lab Series 3-in-1 Shave & Beard Oil is the perfect travel companion to keep your face in check. A triple-blend grooming oil of Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil work in unison to provide the base for a close shave and healthy beard. It’s an all-in-one solution of vitamins and hydrators to tackle each grooming need. Packing light is easy when you’ve got the Lab Series 3-in-1 Shave & Beard Oil.


Hardworking Gentlemen Natural Pinewood Deodorant

Hitting the concrete all natural is great, but that natural must can catch up with you and that’s precisely why the Hardworking Gentlemen Natural Pinewood Deodorant is keen to roll out. It goes on smooth and clear with no residue or stains and boasts the HWG signature pinewood scent. Don’t bring the skunk to the party, keep the HWG Natural Pinewood Deodorant in your Dopp.


Battle Brothers Shaving Co MKII Military Aircraft Aluminum Razor

Made in Michigan, the Battle Brothers Shaving Co MKII Military Aircraft Aluminum Razor is a statement piece of a razor.  A knurled grip keeps the razor from slipping from your hand and guarantees a close, babyface shave every time. Even if you keep a 5 o’clock shadow 24/7, the  MKII Military Razor elevates your bathroom persona.


Go-Comb Bottle Opener Comb

The combination of a bottle opener and a comb, it doesn’t get much better. Go-Comb Bottle Opener Comb is the must-have travel comb to keep in your Dopp and EDC if you’re one to make sure the window reflections always looks sharp. It’s made from stainless steel, it’s matte black, and with a bottle opener, you and your hair will always look/be hydrating fresh. Take the Go-Comb Bottle Opener Comb with everywhere you go and especially on the multiday adventure.


Anthony Wake Up Call

Long night out on the town or even just sitting around the dining table with your crew, morning always tends to come too fast and that’s why you need the Anthony Wake Up Call to kick it into gear. This miracle potion helps energize and wipe clean any residue of the prior night’s activities while adding a stimulating boost of freshness. Head out on the town knowing no matter your decisions, the Anthony Wake Up Call will have your back.


Hardworking Gentlemen Medium Hair Hold Clay

With smiles hidden by the current masked way of life, keeping your hair in check is ever so important. The Hardworking Gentlemen Medium Hold Hair Clay is the right choice for those who like to address the hair in the morning and not have to worry about over the course of the day. It goes in smooth, washes out easily, and the all-natural matte finish has the signature HWG pinewood scent to keep you fresh. Though it does come with a warning… if you start the day with the HWG Medium Hold Hair Clay, you may end the day with a new friend.


Linhart Basic Collection

There is nothing wrong with rolling around looking all kinds of basic because of the Linhart Basic Collection. This teeth cleaning tri-pack comes standard with toothpaste, a Nano-Silver toothbrush, and lip balm. And when pulled out from the Dopp, the Linhart Basic Collection looks and performs better than any jean jacket and black yoga pants Britney you may have seen out on the town. Keep those pearly whites looking fresh with the Linhart Basic Collection.



Keep your Dopp stocked with a near replica of your daily grooming kit

Ever heard of a Ditty Bag? Its got nothing to do with Puffy

The Dopp kit collection is not meant to be travel-size Dollar Store gear

Got room for more, thrown in a PS4 to help tame the nails