Upgrade Your Dopp Kit

We’ve tested the market to bring you our top picks to make your travel grooming routine comfortable and easy while keeping you sharp and fresh. From a clutch solid cologne gadget, to the shave tonic that will have you feeling like your in the barber chair, these are our team’s top picks to assemble a dopp kit ready for anything. Trust us, with recent miles racked up, we’ve put the best to the test.

Filson Dopp Kitt

It starts with the kit, and this one from the powerhouse outfitter Filson, is much like anything they make, built to freaking last. Made out of rugged twill and nylon it’s got stowaway compartments for all the necessities. Once you invest, it will forever keep your sharp essentials organized and protected.

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Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne

The most clutch travel scent there is. Fulton & Roark has changed the game by reinventing this solid cologne. In what feels like a container designed by Q for James Bond, the compact metal container flips open to apply on the go. Each scent is made to embody a vivid feeling and sense of atmosphere. Our pick is Hatteras, named after Hatteras island which surrounds itself by Marlin infested waters and white sand beaches.

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Jack Black All-Over Wash

One product for three jobs. When on the road, it’s easier to have an all over wash, and this one from Jack Black is top notch. It provides loads of thick, rich lather while special botanicals give a fresh scent without being too fragranced or heavy.

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Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Balm

Bearded Bastards Woodsman Beard Balm is a clutch solution for those who need to control the mane. The balm seals in moisture for all types of beards keeping them healthy, shiney and smooth. Who doesn’t like a cedar, pine and sandalwood smell to compliment the day?

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Baxter of California Shave Tonic

The emerald elixir is a must to achieve heightened refreshment. This spray is a revitalizing formula that helps you get the best shave possible and maintain healthy skin both pre and post-shave. It’s like a quick trip to your barber, but in a bottle.

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Kiehl’s Eye De-Puffer

One too many martinis? Trust us, we’ve been there. This stick is designed to hide tired eyes and jolt you back to 20/20. Use it to sharpen the senses for an easy wake up call or a remedy for a post five hour flight.

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Lucky Bastard Lip Balm

This small company out of Venice, CA makes lip balm by hand for original and adventurous gentlemen. All organic ingredients keep your smackers smooth. Plus the badass packaging makes it easy to throw in your coat pocket.

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Ursa Major Face Wipes

With the ease of packaging, toss a weeks worth in the kit to rip open and wipe away good time grit from your worn out mug. It soothes with aloe and hydrates your skin leaving you looking and feeling like Fred Astaire.

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Morris Motley Styling Balm

The holy grail of hair product. Producing a matte finish, this Styling Balm contains a flexible, weightless hold that is versatile for all hairstyles and hair types. This balm was designed to fix common problems that people face in styling hair. Think of it as a creme that has a boost of minerals that are beneficial to your hair, while helping you look and feel like a rockstar.

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Daneson Bourbon Nº 22 Toothpicks

Pull a Tom Hardy and embrace the toothpick when the right opportunity presents itself. These bad boys will help fight the chill of your neck with the warm sensation of barrel aged Bourbon. The flavor of whiskey is measured with the price of time. Daneson honors this commitment and dedication to embrace a Kentucky Bourbon spirit soaked in the soul of there No. 22 toothpick. Each vial contains a dozen pieces to enjoy while on long commutes.

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Baxter of California Double Edge Safety Razor

The modern man’s weapon of choice. The tools you use to shave with can make a major difference. This Double Edge Safety Razor has a barber’s touch with each glide, creating a close and comfortable shave that does not leave the complexion irritated. The traditional style tool is ideal for men who shave or trim their facial hair daily. The chrome design makes it a tool you’ll pass down to your grandchildren.

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Aesop Spray Deodorant

Aesop doesn’t mess around when it comes to complex formulas. This compact size of spray deodorant has 11 essential oils that assist in neutralizing any kind of sweaty situation. You can rest assured that the botanical and scientifically validated man-made ingredients in this bottle are the highest quality.

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Kent Comb

The most timeless item a man can carry. This comb from Kent is made from cellulose acetate and runs smoothly through all textures, keeping your parts on point. Their combs’ teeth are saw cut to avoid any drag when slicking back the locks while listening to some White Stripes.

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Marvis Whitening Mint Travel Toothpaste

Imported from Italy, this classic toothpaste keeps your pearly whites glistening and breaks the regular routine of brushing. The apothecary-inspired tube keeps your items looking classic, and the taste has you feeling fresh for the day ahead. Easy travel size has a surprisingly long lifetime.

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Swissco Toothbrush

Throw that Marvis on these natural bristles from Swissco. This natural bristle brush cleans teeth to shiny perfection every time. Leave the neon colored rubber cousins at Rite Aid and give your molars what they deserve.

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Izola Beard Comb

These Izola beard combs are brass plated and designed with the unruliest of manes in mind. Solid and indestructible, it’s a must for any kit to help tackle the notorious travel beard, and keep you looking sharp while suited and booted.

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