Cut You So Fast You’ll Bleed Blue


It doesn’t really matter if it’s Monday Morning, date night or the annual gestation period of a Barn Swallow that has vacated your mane, at some point, you’re going to shave. Whether your mask is near baby faced, covered in stubble, presents the iconic 5 o’clock shadow or ZZ Top sent you a fan letter for your dedicated work, the razor you choose is just as important as the knife a sushi chef picks.

It’s important to check your Dopp kit, medicine cabinet or wherever you keep your shaving supplies before you embark on the journey to a more presentable persona. Make sure your razor is sharp. If you trim electronically first, make sure you a have a full charge. Make sure you have some form of shaving cream or even just a moisturizing soap that will ease the burn as the blade Zambonis your face. An aftershave is nice and soothing despite what Kevin McCallister may have you believe, but really taking an inventory before you begin is just to make sure you don’t get halfway through shaving and realize you’re SOL.


American Made Stainless Steel

The RS – 18 is a stainless steel razor made in the U.S. It just sounds like the Built Ford Tough slogan hearing stainless steel and American made while presented to you in a duty handheld device. It has two patented lubricated strips on either side of the blade to keep your freshly exposed skin looking fresh and healthy, building confidence to every pass you make. Razor burn should be scared of the RS – 18 and all those lucky enough to enter your bathroom will be jealous with envy if you add the RS – 1 razor stand to the countertop. Before you hid your razors or left it in the shower, but with the Raw Shaving razor and stand, you can keep your tool on display for everyone.

RS – 18 razor / $375

RS – 1 stand / $360


The Straight Razor

If you want to send it old school or looking for the rustic cowboy on the open range image, then a straight razor is the look for you. There is certainly a necessity for skill that comes with the shave, but once you’ve mastered it, your Upper Deck bio will point to lead actor from The Good, The Bad and the Not So Ugly. If you haven’t had a proper straight razor shave, you definitely need to give it a shot. It feels great and it’s simultaneously terrifying to have a blade, in someone else’s hands, cleaning the surface of your jugular.

Like Prince was known as The Symbol and Madonna is just Madonna, this Dovo blade comes to you as the 985850 with a buffalo horn handle. It’s the most exclusive release to ever come from Dovo’s 110 yr reign and arrives at your door shave ready. The ⅝” blades offer more maneuverability to your shave than smaller cut edges, and when you have an open blade placed upon your face some forgiveness should be welcomed.

Though with the Niwaki Iwasaki Razor, the blade seems to be as much as a weapon as a tool of refinement. There is just something about Japanese edges that should get you all hot and bothered. Maybe it’s because of The Bride’s Hattori Hanzo or any Samurai sword, but you see the blade and you know it means business. The Iwasaki Razor is no different as the steel is forged in a small town in Northern Japan, renowned for their blacksmiths. Better yet, the exposed steel handle is left bare to be custom wrapped. It’s sharp, it’s Japanese and yours to somewhat customize.

Dovo 985850 / $239

Iwasaki Razor / $315


The Safety Razor

It seems like a serious contradiction to lead any razor with a word like safety, but they are, and the safety is what keeps you from looking like a Michael Jackson jacket with all them zippers. It’s really nothing more than a barrier between your chops and the blade, but initially, the device was crafted to simplify the skill of shaving with safety in mind.

The Mark One is all metal double-edged safety razor built for the rugged lifestyle. It’s all metal composition is strong and handbuilt in Britain with a weighted handle asking for gravity’s assistance in your babyface shave. It’s sleek, simple and modern and will be happy sitting by your sink, hidden behind the mirror or patiently waiting in your Dopp kit for the next shave or adventure… or pending how long it’s been, the shave might be the adventure.

The Real .50 Caliber is a whole nother beast combining artillery with stainless steel blades. Straight from the battleground, the recycled .50 caliber minigun shell is topped with double-edged blades that much like the shell, are recyclable. It may be a little gimmicky, but it brings a bit of Full Metal Jacket to your shaving station when you see hot water, cold water, and a .50 cal lined up next to each other.

Mark One / $100

Real .50 Caliber / $60

Regardless of price point, construction and blade count you’re going to shave down to the skin at some point. Even if you trim your cheeks with electricity, the jawbone and neck are better defined with true blades. Your face will react differently depending on the razor and number of blades, keeping in mind that 5 blades may not be better than one – your face will have the final words or cuts. And for the best results, best to take a shower before exposing your hide to the blade. The heat and steam will open the pores and soften your beard, making for a closer and much more enjoyable shave.

“If you calculate 15 minutes a day to shave, that is 5,000 minutes a year spent shaving.” – Fidel Castro


Make sure to take inventory of your shaving supplies before the first swipe

Just like a knife and your wits, eventually, the blade will dull

Not sure if today is the today for a shave, ask your lady

Clean up after yourself, the sink is not a place to leave little brown hairs everywhere