We went on a serious hunt for the best of Huckberry for this month of October. The result is a collection to readily have you equipped for fall antics in any big city, mountain town, or chilly coastal getaway. From apple orchards, to leave cluttered trails, to yellow and orange downtown parks, this lineup is sharp and styled to match a very fast approaching November setting. Subtle fall colors inspired our picks, along with a cold breeze gently blowing autumn in from the West, backed by the construction of key essentials that will have you ready to take on the elements when the frost nips the back of the neck, because we all know winter is lurking in the smokey mist. Tip your new cap, toss on the new Ben Harper album, pour a whiskey from the decanter, glove up, and exhale to see your breath; this is Huckberry Top Ten this month, ready to carry you into November.

Ben Harper Cord Trucker

A rebellious jacket has blown in from the west. Like a protagonist outlaw that’s good at heart, but walks the line of bad boy and a hero like a tightrope that’s made of corduroy. This trucker jacket is rugged in all the right ways, like an acoustic guitar taken straight out of Ben Harper’s collection. Which is all too fitting, as this handsome classic is co-designed by the folk troubadour himself. Pair this piece with one of his records, a bold pour of something aged & neat… scratch that, Burn One Down from end to end and watch as that November air blows in.


Helm: Hollis Boot

A man and his boots… the following sentence could be a million tales of adventures far and wide. When the boots lace-up, the trek begins. From the days of dog sledding with Togo to the modern era of splitting the streets in a chilly city, boots are the ultimate essential, made to wear and tear and last forever. The Austin based Helm Boots has dedicated its existence to crafting remarkable boots, perhaps some of the best in the world. The Hollis is constructed to trailblaze you to wherever your compass is pointing, constructed of Balthazar leather, with Helms signature white composite midsole to add a little cushion to your steps. A man and his boots, what’s your tale? 


Ben Harper Limited Edition Hampui Hat

Callused fingertips and guitar strings. Piping hot black coffee and a chill in the weather. The Ben Harper Cord Trucker and its co-star, the Limited edition Hampui hat, co-designed by the man himself. There are certain essentials in life that just go together, and if you’re plannin’ on coping the cord trucker, you’ve got one more item to add to the shopping cart before finalizing the purchase. This limited edition hat is designed by the master behind Hampui, Willee, who is deliberate with every inch of his creations, from the market the materiel was sourced at to the band that orbits the lid. You’ll feel like a rockstar every time it tops your dome.


Give'r 4 Season Glove w/ Wax Coating

It always sneaks up on you, and hits you at a moment you’re usually never prepared for. It’s that crucial moment you realize your pockets aren’t cutting it anymore when it comes to keeping the ‘ol mits warm. Instead of running in to find a temporary fix, we urge you to invest in a pair of gloves that age with all the years. That’s what Give’r is all about, and the Wax Coated 4 Season Gloves are your knockout punch to the cold. Insulated for maximum, heavy-duty, waterproof protection, they will simply become a staple of your wardrobe when facing low temperatures. The ribbed cuff offers a comfortable sense of security to the fit, so glove up—exclusive colorway is only available from Huckberry. 


Red Wing Pioneer Belt

You already have a pair of trusted Red Wing boots—and if you don’t, what the hell are you doing still reading this?—it’s high time to strap on their belt that’s made with the same genuine full-grain leather. This style piece is far from boring. It’s where rugged meets refined and will make you feel a little cooler every time it straps around your denim. With a solid brass buckle and Patina-Hungry leather that’ll continue to be more handsome with age, you’ll enjoy the fact that it’s made right here in the USA.


Moonshine Reserve Cologne

A scent is an individual’s signature, and as the season’s change, so should your selection of cologne to adapt to the environment around you. Moonshine Reserve Cologne is perfect for falling leaves and smokey chimneys. It can be described as a woodsy, rich, rugged scent that is subtle but noteworthy. Handcrafted in the USA, East-West Bottlers capture inside a balanced aroma of leather, tobacco, gin, patchouli, and black pepper. Fall is for deep scents, deep reflection, and Moonshine Reserve will help you embrace autumn in the city with each application, warming the soul before heading out into the frosty temps. 


Pull-String Fire Starter 3-pack

Cozying up to a crackling fire is what Fall and soon to be Winter is made for. That’s why if you’re packing a bag of essentials to take on months ahead, the Pull-String Fire Starter 3-Pack should be easily accessible from a zipper pocket. The compact device can light and fuel a fire for up to thirty minutes, all with a simple yank of a draw chord. It’s a nice way to end a few hours of chopping up fresh cedar and makes the task of getting the firepit roaring out of your hands, allowing you to more focus on what scotch to pair with the glowing embers. Jim Morrison would be very impressed at how this baby lights the fire. 


Mountain Decanter + Mt. Rainier Whiskey Glass Set

In the later part of October and as we enter into November, our minds begin to ascend upwards. Whether we’re tipping back a flask on the top of our first blue run of the day, taking down an IPA after shredding down some moguls, or just crushing a can of Coors Banquet while leaving the world behind as we sail up a ski-lift. If we could be there every damn day, we would, but unfortunately, we can’t. And for those days, you need the Whiskey Peaks decanter and glass set. It’ll keep you warm, adventurous, and a little buzzed until you can make your next trek to the top of the world.


See You Out There Bandana 2-Pack

A versatile piece that can be worn around the crown or off the back pocket, the See You Out There Banana is a necessary addition to a traveler’s EDC. The map imagery does lead the way, but there is no “X” that marks the spot, so that means the destination is up to you. It’s made in Tennessee with a selvage edge around the perimeter and with the way the world is operating, it easily doubles as a face covering. The See You Out There Bandana is as it advertizes, worn to be seen out there.


The Draft Top

The Draft Top is, by all means, a can opener, a can opener to turn your favorite beer can into a sophisticated drinking capsule. It cuts an incredibly smooth edge, opens a larger pathway for the beer’s aromas to rise up, and for those who don’t keep glassware readily available… problem solved. The Draft Top is an extension of your bar supplies and on the move, it’s a pocket-sized tool to make any gathering that much better.

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