No road is too long if you have good company. So, consider this a tandem side by side ride with our good pals at Huckberry, as we kickstart into our latest Top Ten picks from their home base of huckberry.com. Naturally, our selections will be representing the current theme here in CYTIES Land as we throttle into Moto May. The items chosen, though ready for speed, can live far beyond any chopper or hog, assuring a stylish and well-tailored life for when the keys are in the ignition or the pocket. So, let’s roll Huck, and for all you readers, cruise along with us straight into the sunset—if we ride too fast and vanish up the road, then remember to meet us at the Night Owl Room… and don’t look back.


Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike

It wouldn’t be a Moto May Huckberry hunt without a set of two wheels. For anyone that loves all things motor or adventure is the Super73-s2 Universal Motorbike. This is a cruiser that leans a little more “for fun” than a regular bike, and the Super73 requires no license and hits a 40-mile range. It’s road-ready and offers a sleek look, with high-end electrical power. The frame is fashioned from light aircraft-grade aluminum, and the electronics pair to any iOS or Android to switch modes and assist in navigation. Pedal to power and cruise as the bike’s battery offers up to 40 miles of range at 20mph using the throttle only. If you’re the kind of person that gets a kick out of cruising and resides in a big city, the Super73 is a bike made for you. 


Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee

When one thinks of moto style, it’s hard not to think of James Dean on his Triumph TR5 Trophy, or Marlon Brando on his Triumph Thunderbird 6T. Beyond the moto and spokes, they shared one standard when riding—a classic, well-fitted, white tee. Cut and pressed in Los Angeles, Forty Five offers a modern tee that nods to the worn-in vintage look that will never go out of style. This pocket tee goes with everything. Clean and timeless, the almond color looks naturally vintage and paires well with a leather jacket and an open road. 


Timex 80

We love reissues, especially when they bring the nostalgia of the ‘80s. The Timex T80 has a throwback style that goes with any slick getup. The retro design is subtle and expressive and manages to capture all the adventure of cinema from that era, from time travel with Doc, to pirate hunting Goonies, to riding on the Crazy Thunder Road. It’s water-resistant up to 30 meters, and the Indiglo light will keep you on time when assuming the role of a night rider.


Barrier Culture Moisturizer

Dry spring or summer wind to the face can be detrimental to the mug. When headed out on any wheels, pack up the Barrier Culture Moisturizer. Nue Co. taps into Ayuvedic Chinese Medicine, blending it with clinical science. The result is some serious repair and strength for your skin. It goes on smooth, fends off pollutions, locking in deep moisture to have you looking and feeling alive and fresh. Free of all parabens, phthalates, and fragrance, it’s as pure as can be. Toss it in any day pack and apply in the morning or night. 


Tool Bag 18"

This 18-inch tool bag screams I’m ready for manhood far more than a first beard, first beer, or first… Listen, any stylish gent with a rugged attitude, and a nose for adventure damn sure better know his way around a tool bag. This waxed canvas Readywares bag is water-resistant, constructed with brass zippers, and made to house an array of your choice hardware. You think bringing out a fancy bottle of bourbon impresses your company? Wait till the faucet leaks and you walk out with this. Game over.


Sunski Foxtrot

The black forest Sunski Foxtrot is made for the riders. For the traveler whose favorite time of the day is midnight, who has a black leather jacket… scratch that…. who has a denim jacket…. scratch that… who has a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off. Aviators with a serious retro style, like if you were photographed flying by on the interstate, it’s taken by a polaroid, and you have a middle finger up and a smile under your handlebar mustache. Are you ready for the cherry on top? The frames are made from 100% recyclable plastics.


Nicks Boots: Falcon

You know we had to drop a killer boot in our Huck lineup for Moto May, right? It just wouldn’t be complete without such a thing and the Falcon by Nicks has us soaring so fast our tires are elevating into the wind. Next stop—Mars. And with these durable rubber souls and brown leather shells, even that red planet won’t be able to slow us down. The leather is sourced from Chicago and the boots are fastened up and constructed in Spokane Washington. Happy Moto May, y’all.


Origami Leather Wallet

Clean, minimal, jet black, and unmatched. This badass leather origami wallet is made down in San Diego, where the surf/moto culture is hotter than hell. Constructed with grade A American leather, a brass snap, and five precise folds. If you’re on two wheels toss it in the front pocket with comfort. It’s like if Marie Kondo and Steve McQueen went into business together, and the result is a wallet that’s a perfect balance of badass and simplicity.


Brad Leone Carbon Fiber Puncher

Looking for a blade that’ll be passed down for generations? The Civilware Brad Leone Carbon Fiber Puncher will outlive us all. One day when aliens are scouring our planet for clues of past existence, they’ll find this, sticking out of the mud. They’ll know right there, that while we had problems, there was at least one badass on our desolate planet. With a slim profile and black carbon fiber handle, this blade is limited edition, so get it while you still can!


Nick Waterhouse x Forty Five Single (Pre-Sale)

A limited-edition single recorded during Nick’s photoshoot with Forty Five laid down at EastWest Studios in Hollywood. The studio which has been recorded in by Iggy Pop, The Beach Boys, and many more, was the perfect setting for these iconic tunes. Toss this vinyl on the record player, and let Nick’s distinct voice carry you through the month.

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